Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la P

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July 1996International R&D Spillovers: A Re-Examination
with Frank Lichtenberg: w5668
Coe and Helpman(1995) have measured the extent to which technology spills over between industrialized countries through the particular channel of trade flows. This paper re-examines two particular features of their study. First, we suggest that their functional form of how foreign R&D affects domestic productivity via imports is probably incorrect. We provide an alternative model which turns out to be more accurate, both theoretically and empirically. Second, we take into account two new potential channels of technology transfer: inward FDI and technology sourcing, as proxied by outward FDI. The empirical results show that outward FDI flows and imports flows are two simultaneous channels through which technology is internationally diffused. Inward FDI flows are not a significant chan...

Published: Published as "International R&D Spillovers: A Comment", European Economic Review, Vol. 42, no. 8 (September 1998): 1483-1491.

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