Bertil Tungodden

Norwegian School of Economics
Bergen, Norway

E-Mail: Bertil.Tungodden@nhh.no
Institutional Affiliation: Norwegian School of Economics

NBER Working Papers and Publications

December 2016The Effect of Early Education on Social Preferences
with Alexander W. Cappelen, John A. List, Anya Samek: w22898
We present results from the first study to examine the causal impact of early childhood education on social preferences of children. We compare children who, at 3-4 years old, were randomized into either a full-time preschool, a parenting program with incentives, or to a control group. We returned to the same children when they reached 7-8 years old and conducted a series of incentivized experiments to elicit their social preferences. We find that early childhood education has a strong causal impact on social preferences several years after the intervention: attending preschool makes children more egalitarian in their fairness view and the parenting program enhances the importance children place on efficiency relative to fairness. Our findings highlight the importance of taking a broad per...

Published: Alexander Cappelen & John List & Anya Samek & Bertil Tungodden, 2020. "The Effect of Early-Childhood Education on Social Preferences," Journal of Political Economy, vol 128(7), pages 2739-2758.

November 2015How Strong are Ethnic Preferences?
with Lars Ivar Oppedal Berge, Kjetil Bjorvatn, Simon Galle, Edward Miguel, Daniel N. Posner, Kelly Zhang: w21715
Ethnic divisions have been shown to adversely affect economic performance and political stability, especially in Africa, but the underlying reasons remain contested, with multiple mechanisms potentially playing a role. We utilize lab experiments to isolate the role of one such mechanism—ethnic preferences—which has been central in both theory and in the conventional wisdom about the impact of ethnic differences. We employ an unusually rich research design, collecting multiple rounds of experimental data with a large sample of 1,300 subjects in Nairobi; employing within-lab priming conditions; and utilizing both standard and novel experimental measures, as well as implicit association tests. The econometric approach was pre-specified in a registered pre-analysis plan. Most of our tests yiel...

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