Bengt Hansson

The Central Bank of Sweden

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September 1991Measuring the Contribution of Public Infrastructure Capital in Sweden
with Ernst R. Berndt: w3842
Our purpose in this paper is to examine how one might evaluate and measure the contribution of public infrastructure capital on private sector output and productivity growth in Sweden. We do this by specifying and implementing empirically a number of alternative econometric models, using annual data for Sweden from 1960 to 1988. Using a dual cost function approach, we find that increases in public infrastructure capital, ceteris paribus, reduce private sector costs. We compute that amount of public infrastructure capital that would rationalize the cost savings incurred by the private business and manufacturing sectors, and find that the amount that can be rationalized in this manner is less than what was in fact available in 1988, but that the extent of excess public infrastructure capital...

Published: Scandanavian Journal of Economics Volume 94, Supplement 1992, pp. 151-168

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