Arlen Y. Guarin Sr

University of California, Berkeley
100 Academic Hall # 1234
Berkeley, CA 94720-123

E-Mail: aguariga@banrep.gov.co
Institutional Affiliation: Banco de la Republica

NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2015Long Term Impacts of Vouchers for Vocational Training: Experimental Evidence for Colombia
with Orazio Attanasio, Carlos Medina, Costas Meghir: w21390
We use experimental data of a training program in 2005 in Colombia. We find that even up to ten years ahead, the JeA program had a positive and significant effect on the probability to work in the formal sector. Applicants in the treatment group also contributed more months to social security during the analyzed period, and to work for a large firm. Earnings of treated applicants were 11.8% higher in the whole sample, and they made larger contributions to social security. In addition, we also present non parametric bounds that for some percentiles of the sample of women, there are positive and nearly significant effects of the program. Thus, the effects of the program would have been capitalized both in increases in the likelihood of being formal, and increases in productivity. We also pre...

National Bureau of Economic Research
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