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NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 1997Impact of a Managed Behavioral Health Care Carve-Out: A Case Study of One HMO
with Richard G. Frank, Elizabeth S. Notman, Julie A. Gazmararian: w6242
In this study we examine a case study of a carve-out for mental health and substance abuse services between a local plan of a national HMO (N=120,213) and a local managed behavioral health care vendor (MBHC). This is one of the first studies which estimates the impact of an HMO carve-out on costs and patterns of MH/SA care. Three years of insurance claims data (1993-1995) were used for the analyses, with a new carve-out contract implemented in May 1994. The new carve-out arrangement included a new vendor, a change in the organizational structure of clinical services, and increased financial risk to the vendor for inpatient care. Descriptive and empirical analyses are reported on a continuously enrolled population (N=49,529). Results from the analyses showed the new carve-out arrangements ...

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