Andrea Moro

Department of Economics
Vanderbilt University
VU Station B #351819
Nashville, TN 37235

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Institutional Affiliation: Vanderbilt University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2020Learning Epidemiology by Doing: The Empirical Implications of a Spatial-SIR Model with Behavioral Responses
with Alberto Bisin: w27590
December 2016Do Female Executives Make a Difference? The Impact of Female Leadership on Gender Gaps and Firm Performance
with Luca Flabbi, Mario Macis, Fabiano Schivardi: w22877

Published: Luca Flabbi & Mario Macis & Andrea Moro & Fabiano Schivardi, 2019. "Do Female Executives Make a Difference? The Impact of Female Leadership on Gender Gaps and Firm Performance," The Economic Journal, vol 129(622), pages 2390-2423. citation courtesy of

July 2011The Empirical Content of Models with Multiple Equilibria in Economies with Social Interactions
with Alberto Bisin, Giorgio Topa: w17196
April 2010Theories of Statistical Discrimination and Affirmative Action: A Survey
with Hanming Fang: w15860

Published: Theories of Statistical Discrimination and Armative Action: A Survey, (with Andrea Moro), Handbook of Social Economics, Vol I, edited by Jess Benhabib, Alberto Bisin, and Matthew Jackson, North-Holland, November 2010, 76 pages.

September 2004The Performance of the Pivotal-Voter Model in Small-Scale Elections: Evidence from Texas Liquor Referenda
with Stephen Coate, Michael Conlin: w10797

Published: Stephen Coate & Michael Conlin & Andrea Moro, 2008. "The performance of pivotal-voter models in small-scale elections: Evidence from Texas liquor referenda," Journal of Public Economics, vol 92(3-4), pages 582-596.

Why Do Incumbent Senators Win? Evidence from a Dynamic Selection Model
with Gautam Gowrisankaran, Matthew F. Mitchell: w10748
September 1995Demographic Dynamics, Labor Force Participation and Household Asset Accumulation: Case of Japan
with Albert Ando: w5261

Published: Ando, Albert & Moro, Andrea & Cordoba, Juan Pablo & Garland, Gonzalo, 1995. "Dynamics of demographic development and its impact on personal saving: case of Japan," Ricerche Economiche, Elsevier, vol. 49(3), pages 179-205, September.

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