Alex Bryson

Professor of Quantitative Social Science
UCL Social Research Institute
University College London
20 Bedford Square
London WC1H 0AL
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 7969179755

E-Mail: EmailAddress: hidden: you can email any NBER-related person as first underscore last at nber dot org
Institutional Affiliation: University College London

NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2020Unemployment Disrupts Sleep
with David G. Blanchflower: w27814
August 2020Now Unions Increase Job Satisfaction and Well-being
with David G. Blanchflower: w27720
Union Membership Peaks in Midlife
with David G. Blanchflower: w27692
September 2014It's Where You Work: Increases in Earnings Dispersion across Establishments and Individuals in the U.S.
with Erling Barth, James C. Davis, Richard Freeman: w20447

Published: Journal of Labor Economics, Volume 34, Number S2, Part 2, April 2016

August 2010To Join or Not to Join? Factors Influencing Employee Share Plan Membership in a Multinational Corporation
with Richard B. Freeman: w16292

Published: Bryson, A. and Freeman, R. B. (2010) 'To join or not to join? Factors influencing employee share plan membership in a multinational corporation', in T. Kato (ed.) Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory & Labor - Managed Firms, Volume 11 , pp.1 - 22, Emerald Group Publishing Limited (previously NBER Working Paper No. 16292, CEP Discussion Paper No. 1001 and NIESR Discussion Paper No. 361)

April 2010How Does Shared Capitalism Affect Economic Performance in the United Kingdom?
with Richard B. Freeman
in Shared Capitalism at Work: Employee Ownership, Profit and Gain Sharing, and Broad-based Stock Options , Douglas L. Kruse, Richard B. Freeman and Joseph R. Blasi, editors
August 2008How Does Shared Capitalism Affect Economic Performance in the UK?
with Richard Freeman: w14235
June 2006Worker Needs and Voice in the US and the UK
with Richard B. Freeman: w12310

Published: Bryson, A. and Freeman, R. B. (2013) 'Employee Perceptions of Working Conditions and the Desire for Worker Representation in Britain and the US', Journal of Labor Research, 34, 1: 1-29

September 2003What Effect do Unions Have on Wages Now and Would 'What Do Unions Do' Be Surprised?
with David G. Blanchflower: w9973


  • Blanchflower, David and Alex Bryson. "What effect do unions have on wages now and would Freeman and Medoff be surprised?" Journal of Labor Research 25, 3 (Summer 2004): 383-414.
  • Bennett, James T. and Bruce E. Kaufman (eds.) What Do Unions Do?: The Evidence Twenty Years Later. 2004.

December 2002Changes over time in union relative wage effects in the UK and the US revisited
with David Blanchflower: w9395

Published: Addison, John and Claus Schnabel (eds.) International Handbook of Trade Unions. Edward Elgar, 2003.

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