Adi Boiko

Department of Economics
Hebrew University
Mount Scopus Jerusalem Israel

E-Mail: adi.boiko@mail.huji.ac.il
Institutional Affiliation: Hebrew University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2017Management Quality in Public Education: Superintendent Value-Added, Student Outcomes and Mechanisms
with Victor Lavy: w24028
We present evidence about the ways that school superintendents add value in Israel’s primary and middle schools. Superintendents are the CEOs of a cluster of schools with powers to affect the quality of schooling, and we extend the approach used in recent literature to measure teachers’ value added, to assess school superintendents. We exploit a quasi-random matching of superintendent and schools, and estimate that superintendent value added has positive and significant effects on primary and middle school students’ test scores in math, Hebrew, and English. One standard deviation improvement in superintendent value added increases test scores by about 0.04 of a standard deviation in the test score distribution. The effect doesn’t vary with students’ socio-economic background, is highly non...

National Bureau of Economic Research
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