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November 1999Do Industrial Relations Affect Plant Performance?: The Case of Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing
with Morris M. Kleiner, Jonathan S. Leonard: w7414
This study analyzes the impact of major industrial relations variables on productivity within a plant that assembles large commercial aircraft. The analysis combines the deep firm- specific knowledge of management and labor typical of the best of traditional industrial relations with formal statistical tests. We use a before and after research design over an 18-year period with monthly data, as well as information from the participants in the industrial relations events. Our approach is unusual in showing that by focusing only on managerial factors or the learning curve, and omitting factors such as union leadership and related labor relations events, estimates may mis-specify impacts on firm performance. Strikes, slowdowns, and tough union leaders influenced the productivity of this pl...

Published: Kleiner, Morris M., Jonathan S. Leonard and Adam M. Pilarski. "How Industrial Relations Affects Plant Performance: The Case Of Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing," International Labor Relations Review, 2002, v55(2,Jan), 195-218.

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