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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2020Domestic Price Dollarization in Emerging Economies
with Andres Drenik: w27647
This paper studies the dollarization of prices in retail markets of emerging economies. We develop a model of the firm’s optimal currency choice in retail markets in inflationary economies. We derive theoretical predictions regarding the optimality of dollar pricing, and test them using data from the largest e-trade platform in Latin America. Across countries, price dollarization is positively correlated with asset dollarization and inflation, and negatively correlated with exchange rate volatility. At the micro level, larger sellers are more likely to price in dollars, and more tradeable goods are more likely to be posted in dollars. We then show that prices are sticky, and hence the currency of prices determines the short-run reaction of both prices and quantities to a nominal exchange r...
June 2019The Political Economy of Social Security Reform
with Michael J. Boskin, Daniel S. Bennett: w25985
We identify which types of Social Security reforms are supported when people vote in their financial self-interest, under alternative economic and demographic projections and voting proclivity assumptions. While 40% of voters have negative lifetime net transfers, less than 10% have negative future transfers under the un- sustainable status quo. Framing the problem as a choice between reforms is necessary for any to receive majority support. Delayed reforms are often preferred, but immediate tax hikes or slower benefit growth win in some circumstances. Inter-generational AND intragenerational heterogeneity of economic interests combine to affect which reforms are blocked and which are feasible.

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