Alisa Tazhitdinova

Department of Economics
University of California at Santa Barbara
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Santa Barbara, CA 93106

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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2020Increasing Hours Worked: Moonlighting Responses to a Large Tax Reform
Moonlighting is increasingly popular in OECD countries, with 5 to 10% of workers holding two or more jobs. However, little is known about the responsiveness of moonlighting to financial incentives due to the lack of identifying variation. This paper studies a unique reform in Germany that allowed workers to hold small secondary jobs tax-free, decreasing the marginal tax rate by between 19.5 to 66pp. I show that the reform resulted in a dramatic increase in moonlighting that was not offset by reductions in primary earnings, and that hours constraints is the key determinant of moonlighting.
August 2019Do Value-Added Taxes Affect International Trade Flows? Evidence from 30 Years of Tax Reforms
with Youssef Benzarti: w26195
This paper uses all Value Added Tax (VAT) changes across all EU Member States from 1988 to 2016 to estimate the effect of VATs on trade flows. We find small elasticities of trade flows with respect to VATs, in spite of some of the VAT changes being substantial. We estimate substantially smaller responses of trade flows to VATs compared to the responses of trade flows to tariffs estimated in the trade literature. This finding holds across different time periods, countries and types of reforms. Our results imply that VATs are unlikely to distort trade flows.

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