Date Source Headline Working Paper
10/21/2019 The Verge Nearly two-thirds of Uber customers don't tip their drivers w26380
10/21/2019 MarketWatch This is the exact age when the joy gets sucked out of your life w23724
10/20/2019 The New York Times Estate Taxes Are Easy to Flee, but They Still Help States w26387
10/20/2019 The Washington Post Chancellor pledges to review DC's controversial teacher evaluation system w19529 or summary
10/20/2019 The Hill Warren, Yang fight over automation divides experts w24333
10/19/2019 Indian Express Limited Nobel Laureates Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo co-authored study on Rajasthan Police w17912
10/19/2019 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel UWM study finds over half of gun violence perpetrators and victims had elevated blood lead levels ... w23392 or summary
10/18/2019 InsideSources Predictive Scheduling Is Bad for Workers, Good for Self-Checkout Kiosks w23667
10/18/2019 theMReport.com How Climate Change Could Impact the Housing Market w26322
10/18/2019 The National Law Review The AHA Reports Economic Benefits Associated with Increased Hospital Consolidation w22106
10/17/2019 Mercatornet Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue w26364
10/17/2019 Business Insider You now need to make more than $500000 a year to be in the 1% in America, new study shows ... w25462
10/17/2019 Connecting Vets Every Day Combat 'substantially' increases troops' risk of painkiller and heroin abuse, study shows w26264
10/17/2019 Connecticut Post New CT task force begins examining high-deductible health plans w24869
10/17/2019 Yahoo! Finance Older Workers Just Want a Little Flex Time w24008 or summary
10/17/2019 Hudson Valley 360 Legislation protects New York patients from high ER costs w23623 or summary
10/16/2019 ZMR News Reports Wealth Gap Widening as Billionaires Pay Lower Tax Rate w25462
10/16/2019 LNP Media Group College tuition should reflect the varying costs of majors c13878
10/16/2019 CNBC Women's earnings drop after having a child-but men's do not w24219
10/16/2019 KESQ-TV New study finds link between combat, substance abuse w26264
10/16/2019 Benzinga Data: Cannabis Legalization Does Not Increase Traffic Fatalities w24417
10/16/2019 Boston 25 News Could Massachusetts be saying goodbye to the Electoral College? w26247
10/16/2019 Harvard Business Review Climate Change Is Going to Transform Where and How We Build w26322
10/15/2019 Fox News Combat troops at higher risk for opioid and heroin abuse, study says w26264
10/15/2019 WTKR.com New study finds link between War on Terror combat and opioid and heroin abuse w26264
10/15/2019 The Hill Universal basic income advocates warn Yang's 'Freedom Dividend' would harm low-income ... w25538
10/15/2019 The Epoch Times Study: Winning Presidency Without Popular Vote Likely in Future w26247
10/14/2019 India Blooms India-American Economist Abhijit Banerjee among to receive Nobel prize in Economics 2019 Nobel Laureates
10/14/2019 Business Insider This year's 3 winners of the economics Nobel Prize revolutionized how we think about poverty ... 2019 Nobel Laureates
10/14/2019 Military Times Combat troops at higher risk for opioid, heroin addiction, study says w26264
10/14/2019 The Tribune Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer win Nobel in Economics 2019 Nobel Laureates
10/14/2019 Sify All you need to know about Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee 2019 Nobel Laureates
10/12/2019 Newsweek Electoral College Overwhelmingly Favors Republicans, Abolishing Entire System Only Remedy ... w26247
10/11/2019 Yahoo! Finance JPMorgan Economists Warn of Black Swan Risks From Climate Change w26167
10/11/2019 West Virginia MetroNews Teacher absenteeism creates problems for WV public schools w13648
10/11/2019 CNBC Would you give up Google for $17000 a year? The Federal Reserve wants to know w24514
10/11/2019 Business Line 'Business as usual' approach to climate change could have serious consequences: JP Morgan w26167
10/11/2019 InsideSources Right-to-Work States Could Foil Democratic Efforts To Take the White House in 2020 w24259
10/10/2019 The Spectator Are Boris's hedge-fund pals conspiring to 'short the UK'? I doubt it w26218 or summary
10/10/2019 The Wall Street Journal The Real Problem Central Bankers Face: The Rest of Us w25482
10/9/2019 Nikkei Asian Review Customers ask: Is a Huawei phone without Google worth $1000? w24514
10/9/2019 Washington Examiner Why super-successful women struggle in love w19023 or summary
10/9/2019 Business Insider American billionaires paid less in taxes in 2018 than the working class w25462
10/9/2019 Jackson Free Press OPINION: Give Public Education the Ballot this November, Mississippi w20847
10/9/2019 Fin24 How to punish high school students - and the likely consequences w26257
10/9/2019 The New York Review of Books What Happened to the West Village? w26142
10/9/2019 Non Profit Quarterly The Power of Nonprofit News Collaborations: Shining a Light on Rural Hospitals w26182
10/9/2019 MarketWatch These two maps show how the trade war with China is hurting 'Trump country' w26353
10/8/2019 MarketWatch Men exaggerate their importance at work, while women do the exact opposite w26345
10/8/2019 MarketWatch Working in a strenuous job while pregnant can lead to a range of health risks during and after ... w26343
10/8/2019 Worcester Telegram Roberta Schaefer: Worcester School Committee should focus on improving student achievement w25796
10/8/2019 The Wall Street Journal The Real Problem Central Bankers Face: The Rest of Us w25482
10/8/2019 The Wall Street Journal Newsletter: Trade Thaw, Unwanted Apprenticeships and Reshaping the Federal Workforce w26353
10/8/2019 expressnews.com Opinion: Harvard teaches America a lesson in diversity - without discriminating w26315
10/8/2019 streetinsider.com Fed's Powell Comments on Data-Dependent Monetary Policy in an Evolving Economy w25148
10/8/2019 Washington Examiner Want to reduce the gender pay gap? Tell women to self-promote w26345
10/7/2019 Real Daily French Economist: Billionaires Must Be Taxed Out of Existence w25462
10/7/2019 HealthPayerIntelligence Members with Pre-Existing Conditions May Be Impacted by ACA Debate w26081
10/7/2019 Bloomberg Can We Talk Ourselves Into a Recession or Bubbles? w23075
10/7/2019 Forbes Can't Get Your Spouse Healthcare​ From Your Employer? Blame Obamacare w26350
10/7/2019 Business Today (India) New study on demonetisation explains why cash is still king in India w25370 or summary
10/7/2019 MediaMatters Sunday morning political shows' coverage of climate in September is a mixed bag w26167
10/7/2019 Marketplace China's farm tariffs are having real effects in rural America w26353
10/7/2019 ThinkAdvisor Older Workers Say Flexible Hours Would Keep Them on the Job Longer w26332
10/6/2019 Salon Harvard's systemic nepotism revealed: 43 percent of admitted white students were legacies w26315
10/4/2019 The Atlantic/CityLab How Large Corporations Took Over Single-Family Homes w21804
10/3/2019 Mint (India) Why STEM may not pay in the long run w25065
10/3/2019 The New York Times The Truth About Refugees w23498 or summary
10/3/2019 Forbes Using Taxes To Cap Executive Compensation Doesn't Work w7842 or summary
10/3/2019 Fox Business Nicolas Loris: A major threat to our economy -- Environmental extremism w25681
10/3/2019 The Economist Free exchangeWealth taxes have moved up the political agenda w26284
10/3/2019 Realty Biz News Digital mortgage applications result in less discrimination, study finds w25943 or summary
10/3/2019 New York Amsterdam News Federal judge to Harvard: race-aware admissions process can stay w26316
10/3/2019 The Hill Mayor Pete's worse way to do 'Medicare for All'
10/2/2019 Reuters US Fed charts its own course on climate change, too Read the Research
10/2/2019 Independent Harvard affirmative action case: University does not discriminate against Asian-Americans, judge ... w26316
10/2/2019 realtor.com Banks Moving Flood-Based Mortgage Risks Out of Private Sector, Paper Finds w26322
10/2/2019 US News Money US Fed Charts Its Own Course on Climate Change, Too
10/1/2019 Vox America is stepping down as a global leader on refugees w23498 or summary
10/1/2019 Forbes New Study: Digital Mortgages Reduce Discrimination (And Loan Costs) For Black And Latinx ... w25943 or summary
10/1/2019 The Atlantic Clustering Makes Tech Inventors More Productive w26270
10/1/2019 Breitbart News Network Study: 43 Percent of White Harvard Students Are Related to Alumni, Donors w26316
10/1/2019 Bloomberg Productivity Suffers as UK Managers Focus on Brexit Readiness w26218 or summary
10/1/2019 NBC News Judge rules in favor of Harvard in affirmative action case w26316
10/1/2019 Bloomberg Productivity Suffers as UK Managers Focus on Brexit Readiness w26218 or summary
10/1/2019 Canadian HR Reporter Productivity suffers as UK managers focus on Brexit readiness w26218 or summary
9/30/2019 The Washington Post As the Affordable Care Act's future remains in doubt, accumulating evidence suggests it's made ... w26081
9/30/2019 CBS News US taxpayers are at risk for homes threatened by climate change w26322
9/30/2019 Marketplace The government is buying up mortgages with climate risk - report w26322
9/28/2019 Voice of America Nudging: A Way for US Colleges to Support Students w26158
9/27/2019 CNBC Inside the NY Giants money boot camp: How to tackle some wild spending habits w21085
9/27/2019 Washington Examiner Opioid epidemic affects combat veterans more than civilians w26264
9/27/2019 Philanthropy Daily How pervasive is extreme poverty in America? w25907
9/26/2019 The American Conservative Beware the Republican Road to Medicare for All w23623 or summary
9/26/2019 Washington Monthly How 2020 Democrats Are Missing the Message on the Economy w24548
9/26/2019 The Wall Street Journal Trump's Fed Attacks Are Helping to Drive Rate Cuts, Paper Says w26308
9/26/2019 WQAD-TV YOUR MONEY with Mark: Trump's attacks on The Fed and their impact on the markets w26308
9/25/2019 The Intelligencer Guest Opinion: Why is reproductive healthcare a polarizing issue? w25521 or summary
9/25/2019 Science Times How Technologies Make the Educational Process Faster w22754 or summary
9/25/2019 Fox Business The government is rushing to spend billions. Here's why w19481 or summary
9/25/2019 CBS Denver Denver Public Schools Faces Challenges Bringing In More Teachers Of Color w25254
9/24/2019 Mint (India) How autonomy can drive PSU profits w26304
9/24/2019 CNBC Trump's tweets on the Fed and tariffs also are impacting gold prices w26308
9/24/2019 Phys.org In a close race, the less popular candidate has a 45% chance of winning w26247
9/24/2019 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette News in brief w26308
9/24/2019 Newsmax Vaping Bans Are Just Crony Capitalism w23865
9/24/2019 Markets Insider - Business Insider Trump's Fed tweets pull interest-rate expectations lower, new study finds w26308
9/24/2019 Channel 3000 Trump's attacks on the Fed are moving markets, study shows w26308
9/24/2019 koamnewsnow.com Trump's attacks on the Fed are moving markets, study shows w26308
9/23/2019 The Wall Street Journal Small ESG Investors Punch Above Their Weight w25914
9/23/2019 Southeast Missourian The life-changing magic of working a bit longer w24226 or summary
9/23/2019 Yahoo! Finance Trump's Fed Tweets Shown to Have 'Significant' Effect on Trading w26308
9/23/2019 Forbes Trump's Tweets Show How The Fed Lost Its Credibility With Investors w26308
9/23/2019 Seeking Alpha Trump's tweets against Fed influence fed fund futures, NBER paper says w26308
9/23/2019 CNBC Markets have been betting that Trump's Twitter attacks on the Fed will move rates w26308
9/23/2019 ColorLines Study Links High-Suspension Schools With Incarceration Later in Life w26257
9/23/2019 Reuters Trump's tweets threaten Fed's independence, push rate expectations lower: study w26308
9/23/2019 US News Money Trump's Tweets Threaten Fed's Independence, Push Rate Expectations Lower: Study w26308
9/23/2019 Market Watch Powell has started to push back on Trump, Dudley says w26308
9/22/2019 Fox News Paul Batura: Nice try, 'Ms. Monopoly,' but you patronize women and are just wrong on the gender ... w25739
9/21/2019 The National (Abu Dhabi) US retailers forced to shut 7000 stores in first half of 2019 w25672 or summary
9/21/2019 Daily Excelsior Education vouchers w21523
9/21/2019 Courthouse News Service In Tennessee, Abortion Providers Challenge Two-Day Wait for Procedure w26228
9/20/2019 Grist Are big cars really safer like Trump says? w23340
9/20/2019 CBS Chicago Who's Your Replacement Nurse? University Of Chicago Paying $4200 Each For Five Days, Two ... w15855 or summary
9/19/2019 PitchBook Elizabeth Warren zeros in on PE-backed for-profit colleges w24976
9/18/2019 Salon New study: Trump's Electoral College win was no fluke - and is likely to happen again w26247
9/18/2019 MarketWatch Here's how much the war on terror contributed to America's opioid crisis w26264
9/18/2019 New York (magazine) US Abortion Rate Drops to Lowest Level Since Roe v. Wade w26228
9/18/2019 The Wall Street Journal Warren Probes Apollo and KKR on Backing For-Profit Colleges w24976
9/18/2019 The Denver Post Denver leaders propose citywide $15-an-hour minimum wage w23532
9/17/2019 Washington Examiner Afghanistan and Iraq veterans were the 'ground zero' of the opioid crisis: Study w26264
9/17/2019 Forbes Now Hiring: Robots, Please Apply Within w23285 or summary
9/17/2019 Who.What.Why. Climate-Change Deniers Are Defying the Markets They Worship w25554
9/17/2019 Huffpost Could Trump Again Lose The Popular Vote And Win In 2020? In A Close Race, Yes. w26247
9/17/2019 The Washington Post The surprising holes in our knowledge of America's homeless population w26232
9/16/2019 MarketWatch Children in stricter middle schools are less likely to go to college - and more likely to get arrested w26257
9/16/2019 The Toronto Star Can a millennial who doesn't drive still be a full-fledged adult? w25674
9/15/2019 The Daily Progress 'Long way to go': School divisions changing tactics to boost teacher diversity w25254
9/14/2019 Inquirer.com Which comes first: the developers or the rich people who gentrify the neighborhood? | Brain Trust w26170
9/13/2019 Romper 15 Reasons September Babies Are The Best w23660
9/13/2019 The New York Times Recession or Slowdown? Why You Should Care About the Difference Read the Research
9/13/2019 Forbes Which Gender Is Most Impacted By Age Discrimination? It Depends On Who You Ask w21669
9/13/2019 Citizen Tribune (Morristown TN) Study: More than half a million enrolled in Medicaid in nine states are ineligible w26145
9/13/2019 Laconia Daily Sun Right-to-carry means right to more deaths by gunshot w18294
9/13/2019 WDEL Study: More than half a million enrolled in Medicaid in nine states are ineligible w26145
9/12/2019 The New York Times Should the Government Give Everyone $1000 a Month? w25538
9/12/2019 Financial Post William Watson: Modelling the 'best' immigration policy is awfully complicated stuff w26154
9/11/2019 Miami Herald UM's medical school is whiter than Miami. A group of students wants to change that w24787 or summary
9/11/2019 Washington Examiner Flavored e-cigarette bans might just make even more people sick w23865
9/10/2019 MarketWatch Mandatory waiting periods for abortions can cost nearly $1000 more and lead to a surge in second ... w26228
9/10/2019 The Atlantic College Is Not Just Job Prep w25065
9/10/2019 WOWT Mobile health care helping rural communities w26182
9/9/2019 The Conversation There's an obvious reason wages aren't growing, but you won't hear it from Treasury or the ... w24147
9/9/2019 MarketWatch There's never been trade-policy uncertainty like this, and it's rattling markets, study finds w26243
9/9/2019 RevCycleIntelligence: Revenue Cycle Management and Healthcare Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions Reduce Costs, AHA Report Shows w21815 or summary
9/9/2019 The New Daily (Australia) The wages explanation you won't hear from Treasury or the RBA w24147
9/9/2019 Ricochet The Ability of Markets w6670 or summary
9/9/2019 Healthcare Finance News Rural hospital closures having an impact on mortality rates w26182
9/7/2019 Washington Examiner Oh, the lies they tell about voter ID w26206
9/6/2019 Washington Monthly The Lessons of Theodore Roosevelt w24085 or summary
9/6/2019 The Chicago Reporter How low expectations force low-income students to miss out on college aid w18586 or summary
9/5/2019 GreenBiz For investors, climate risk has no one-size-fits-all solution w26167
9/5/2019 Quartz Americans own more stock than ever-how will it change the economy? w25959 or summary
9/5/2019 Wired Algorithms Should've Made Courts More Fair. What Went Wrong? w23180
9/5/2019 The Washington Post After mass shootings, GOP-led legislatures double efforts to loosen gun restrictions, data show w26187
9/5/2019 PBS Newshour Kids learn less on hot days. Global warming is making it worse w24639 or summary
9/4/2019 The Nation Favor a Moderate Approach to Climate Change? Ok, How Will You Pay for It? w26167
9/4/2019 MarketWatch Walmart's decision to ban certain ammunition fills vacuum left by lack of state and federal laws w26187
9/4/2019 The 74 Elite Schools, Prized by Parents and Politicians Alike, May Actually Hurt Disadvantaged Students ... w26137
9/3/2019 RealClear Markets Is $201 Less Income Growth Each Year a Global Warming Catastrophe? w26167
9/3/2019 MarketWatch Bias in health care isn’t limited to race, religion or gender w24787 or summary
9/3/2019 The Times of India What makes September babies so special, according to science! w23660
9/3/2019 Virginia Business Work stoppage w24002
9/3/2019 Sean Hannity CORY'S NEW DEAL: Booker Unveils His Own $3 Trillion Climate Plan w26167
9/3/2019 Revenue Cycle Management and Healthcare Rural Hospital Closures Boost Mortality Rates by Nearly 6% w26182
9/3/2019 Long Island City Post 39 Queens Public Schools are Near Heavily Polluting Roads: Report w25489
9/2/2019 Pensions & Investments Sponsors ponder power of stretch matches w18220
9/1/2019 Moms.com Why September Babies Are The Best, According To Science w23660
9/1/2019 New York Daily News Rooms near the fumes: Analysis shows nearly 250 city schools sit near high-pollution highways w25489
8/30/2019 The Washington Post Why this little known economic committee could - but probably won't - sway the election Read the Research
8/29/2019 Deseret News A successful performance audit of Utah schools means no politics or hurt feelings
8/29/2019 Olive Oil Times Climate Change Poses Threat to Global GDP, Study Finds w26167
8/29/2019 US News & World Report Dems' Ad Links Tariffs, School Supply Costs w25638 or summary
8/29/2019 The Washington Post 'Liza on Demand,' the gig economy and the betrayal of the American worker w22667 or summary
8/28/2019 The Oakland Pressm Column: Raising the minimum wage is good for workers, economy w25434
8/28/2019 Urban Milwaukee For-Profit Colleges Need State Oversight w25042 or summary
8/28/2019 National Review Wrong on Obesity w24094 or summary
8/28/2019 MarketWatch Opinion: What's going on with interest rates? w24258
8/28/2019 Medical News Connections Between Teen Pregnancy and Simulators in the USA w21275
8/28/2019 Gazette Quest Targeted Cancer Therapies Market Research Report To Design A Cohesive And Predictive ... w20867
8/27/2019 The New Yorker Pain and Resentment and the Inspiring Retirement of Andrew Luck w24087
8/27/2019 Becker's Hospital Review Rural hospital closures increase mortality rates, study finds w26182
8/27/2019 Gulf Today Indian cities are becoming urban heat islands w26167
8/27/2019 Xinhua News Agency Interview: UN special envoy highlights urgent action in fighting climate change w26167
8/27/2019 Americas Quarterly Carlos Mesa's Uphill Effort to Defeat Evo Morales w25523
8/26/2019 Inside Higher Ed What the Common App Does w26151
8/26/2019 Miami Herald Ex-smokers Pick Up Some Awful Practices That Pose Significant Health Hazards w26017
8/23/2019 European Scientist How will climate change impact the economies of rich and poor countries? w26167
8/22/2019 The Himalayan Times Climate change toll on Nepal's economy at 13 per cent by 2100 w26167
8/22/2019 MarketWatch Former smokers are picking up some terrible habits that pose major health risks w26017
8/22/2019 miamibeachtimes.com New Research Shows Climate Change to Reduce GDPs by 7% Globally w26167
8/22/2019 BuzzFeed News Here's Some Actually Useful Information To Help You Prepare For A Recession Read the Research
8/22/2019 The Economist New research probes eviction's causes and consequences w26139
8/21/2019 The Straits Times (Singapore) Climate change will cripple economies regardless of countries' wealth: Report w26167
8/21/2019 The Japan Times Climate change will cripple economies regardless of wealth, report warns w26167
8/21/2019 Mint (India) How administrative reforms boost revenues w26150
8/21/2019 RTE (Ireland) Climate change to hit countries 'regardless of wealth' - report w26167
8/21/2019 Education Dive: Latest Education News Common App colleges attract more out-of-state, international students w26151
8/20/2019 MarketWatch America's neighborhoods are increasingly segregated, but researchers may have stumbled upon a ... w26164
8/20/2019 CNBC Climate change to slow global economic growth, new study finds w26167
8/20/2019 Reuters Climate change will cripple economies regardless of countries' wealth: report w26167
8/19/2019 Mint (India) Does research influence policy design? w25941
8/19/2019 The Hechinger Report New studies challenge the claim that black students are sent to special ed too much w25829
8/19/2019 The Straits Times (Singapore) Fighting climate change will help economic growth, study finds w26167
8/19/2019 Market Business News Virtually all countries will suffer economically because of climate change, says new study w26167
8/19/2019 weforum.org OK computer: why the machine age still needs humans w23285 or summary
8/19/2019 Education Dive: Latest Education News Personalized messaging is key to scaling nudges, report finds w26158
8/19/2019 MarketWatch Obamacare is closing the coverage gap between rich and poor, black and white w26157
8/19/2019 Fox News Climate change will shrink 'virtually all' economies around the globe by 2100, study warns w26167
8/19/2019 The Washington Post Climate change could cost the US up to 10.5 percent of its GDP by 2100, study finds w26167
8/19/2019 Forbes Fighting Ageism for Your Mental, Physical, and Financial Health w21669
8/19/2019 Business Times Okjokull Glacier Dead: Funeral Held For Iceland's First Glacier Lost To Climate Change w26167
8/19/2019 Mint (India) Climate change may shrink India's economy by 10%: Study w26167
8/19/2019 MarketWatch Here's how much the global economy stands to lose - even more for the US - if the Paris climate ... w26167
8/19/2019 Savannah Morning News Climate change could cost the US up to 10.5 percent of its GDP by 2100, study finds w26167
8/18/2019 ABC News 'The right to vote is our most fundamental right': Stacey Abrams w25522
8/17/2019 Axios Immigrant-owned businesses contribute billions to US economy w24494
8/16/2019 The Desert Sun Eisenhower Health to open $25 million birthing center by 2021 w24355
8/16/2019 The Washington Post A recession will come. How bad will it be? Read the Research
8/15/2019 Mint (India) How big data can change GDP calculations Read the Research
8/15/2019 Forbes Why Carbon Taxes Are So Hard To Pass w26146
8/15/2019 Vox Why everybody's worried about a recession again Read the Research
8/14/2019 The New York Times Why doesn't the United States have universal health care? The answer has everything to do with race. w26081
8/14/2019 Wired A Tax Credit Fueled the Solar Energy Boom. Now It's in Limbo w24378
8/14/2019 Fin24 Do financial analysts add value? w26062
8/14/2019 BBN Times Limits for Corporate Bigness on Acquisitions, Patents, and Politics w25893
8/14/2019 Newsweek Donald Trump Claimed the Impact of His China Tariffs on American Consumers Is 'Virtually None ... w25672 or summary
8/14/2019 The National Interest A Long-Term Trade War Is a Lose-Lose Scenario w25638 or summary & w25672 or summary
8/14/2019 The Wall Street Journal ObamaCare's Medicaid Deception w26145
8/13/2019 Newsweek Women Won't Achieve True Power Until We Start Talking Frankly About Money | Opinion w19023 or summary
8/13/2019 Gulf Today Green bonds hold the key to fighting climate change w25950
8/13/2019 Investment U 37 Investing Principles To Maximize Gains & Limit Losses w17078
8/13/2019 The Arizona Republic Toxic groundwater lies beneath Phoenix, and a cleanup has been delayed for years w16844
8/13/2019 Jalopnik The Big Diesel Lie Grows While The Trump Administration Rolls Coal w26117
8/12/2019 NPR With So Many Startups Growing Into Unicorns, Can They Still Be Magical? w23895 or summary
8/11/2019 Market Business News Effects of the 2015 VW emissions scandal on non-VW German automakers w26117
8/10/2019 The Milwaukee Independent Good Guy with a Gun: How pulp fiction became a deadly American fantasy w23510
8/10/2019 The Washington Post Couple dead in apparent murder-suicide left notes saying they couldn't afford medical care, police ... w21270 or summary
8/9/2019 CNBC How to keep your retirement plans safe, even as the trade war unfolds w24226 or summary
8/9/2019 Air Quality News Dust from the Sahara desert kills children across Africa w26107
8/9/2019 The Wall Street Journal College Still Pays Off, but Not for Everyone c13705
8/9/2019 KSBY Thousands of household products could be pricier under new tariffs w25672 or summary
8/8/2019 Institutional Investor Hedge Fund Managers With 'Skin in the Game' Outperform - But They're Also Less Likely to Take ... w26113
8/8/2019 The Washington Post Trump's trade war clearly isn't working w25638 or summary
8/8/2019 The Daily Signal Voter ID Opponents Lose Again. This Time in North Dakota. w25522
8/8/2019 Mint (India) How social norms influence fertility choices w25957
8/8/2019 CNBC Coming soon to a store near you: more expensive items w25672 or summary
8/7/2019 Insurance Journal How VW Emissions Scandal Hurt Other German Car Makers' Reputations and Profits w26117
8/7/2019 Aleteia What are the advantages of marrying your best friend? w20794
8/7/2019 The New York Observer In Sickness and in Health ... 'Til Medical Divorce Do Them Part w23139
8/7/2019 Healthcare Dive: Healthcare and Health IT News Myth Diagnosis: Do hospitals charge more to make up for low government pay? w24304
8/6/2019 CNN Trump's new tariffs will cause more pain for Americans w25638 or summary & w25672 or summary
8/6/2019 Vox Dust storms in the Sahara are killing kids half a continent away w26107
8/5/2019 Inside Higher Ed Remedial Education Fixes Won't Cure Completion Crisis w26133
8/5/2019 The Wall Street Journal Lower Crude and Gas Prices Take Toll on Big Oil Profits-Energy Journal w25391
8/5/2019 Lawfare Is the Threat of 'Fake Science' Real? w18499
8/5/2019 New York Magazine New Studies Say Gentrification Doesn't Really Force Out Low-Income Residents w25809
8/5/2019 Pacific Standard Electric Vehicles May Not Be Able to Avoid Road Maintenance Taxes for Much Longer w26072
8/4/2019 The Daily Wire WATCH: Fox News' Neil Cavuto Smacks Trump Over Chinese Tariffs w25638 or summary
8/4/2019 Pennsylvania Capital-Star I'm a researcher: How Pa's Medicaid expansion went beyond just data and touched my life | Opinion w26081
8/4/2019 The 74 Manno: College Is More Than a Wage Premium - It's a Road to Well-being and a Satisfying Life w12984 or summary
8/4/2019 Newsweek Fox News Anchor Confronts Trump Official Over False Claims That China Tariffs Don't Raise Costs ... w25672 or summary
8/3/2019 The New York Times A Better Address Can Change a Child's Future w25147 or summary
8/3/2019 The Guardian Trump: things 'going along very well' with China as markets fall over tariffs w25672 or summary
8/2/2019 NBC News Fact check: Trump says China is paying for his tariffs. He's wrong. w25638 or summary & w25672 or summary
8/2/2019 Chalkbeat Pre-K benefits faded in Tennessee - but not for the reasons you think, says new study w23489 or summary
8/2/2019 The Christian Science Monitor Who's the boss? In worker-owned cooperatives, everyone is. w11254
8/2/2019 Motherly What went viral this week: Mom donates a whole Payless store + a miracle baby born 4 months early w23660
8/2/2019 Tulsa World Letter to the Editor: Not expanding Medicaid causing deaths due to lack of health care w26081
8/1/2019 KPLC (Lake Charles, LA) Recent study says retiring to Lake Charles could shorten life expectancy w25975
8/1/2019 Yahoo! Finance Andrew Yang says 'immigrants are being scapegoated' - and a new study backs that up w25565
8/1/2019 Newsweek Trump's Former Chief Economic Adviser Says China Trade War Has Backfired: 'Everyone Loses' w25638 or summary & w25672 or summary
8/1/2019 The Economist A society’s values and beliefs matter for its economy w26061
8/1/2019 National Review New Data on Syringe Exchanges w26111
8/1/2019 Yahoo! Finance Medicare Tip: Find the Right Post-Hospital Care w24946
8/1/2019 The Edge MySay: Are SDGs enough to moderate neoliberal excesses? w20625
7/31/2019 KTVE Could moving after retirement lengthen your life expectancy? w25975
7/31/2019 The Globe and Mail Financial professionals just as susceptible to behavioural biases as investors w17929
7/31/2019 Quartz Americans spend two hours less a month on shopping than they did 15 years ago w25610
7/31/2019 New York Daily News Former car mechanic graduates from medical school at 47 to address shortage of black doctors
7/31/2019 The Atlantic Gentrification Did Not Displace NYC's Most Vulnerable Children w25809
7/30/2019 Mint (India) How green bonds help tackle climate change w25950
7/30/2019 Crain's Cleveland Business Federal Reserve's regional structure aids policy independence, study finds w26098
7/30/2019 FactCheck.org Pinning Down Prescription Drug Prices w24210
7/30/2019 WFSB Study shows seniors moving to a CT could extend life expectancy w25975
7/29/2019 The Daily Mail Mr Fix-It: The Cleveland mechanic who went back to school to become ER doctor at 47 to boost the ... w24787 or summary
7/29/2019 Bloomberg Fed's Regional Structure Aids Policy Independence, Study Finds w26098
7/29/2019 Jalopnik VW's Emissions Scandal Cost Other German Automakers $5.2 Billion in US Sales: Study w26117
7/29/2019 Black Entertainment Television Man Dropped His Job As A Car Mechanic To Address Black Doctor Shortage w24787 or summary
7/29/2019 Miami Herald Medicaid could keep even more people healthy if Florida agreed to expand it | Opinion w26081
7/28/2019 The Plain Dealer Car mechanic shifts gears, becomes a doctor at age 47 and helps address shortage of black doctors w24787 or summary
7/28/2019 Mint (India) Opinion | Too much capital brings with itself too much distraction w23895 or summary
7/28/2019 Forbes Why Ambition Isn't A Dirty Word For Women w23043 or summary
7/27/2019 USA Today Considering Kindergarten w13663
7/25/2019 Orlando Sentinel Medicaid expansion would save Floridians' lives | Commentary w26081
7/25/2019 The Wall Street Journal Higher Fed Inflation Target Before Recession Would Have Led to Faster Recovery, Economists Find w26002 or summary
7/25/2019 MarketWatch Raising the minimum wage to $15 could add over $100000 to Social Security benefits for many ... w25182
7/24/2019 Manistee News Advocate New laws make it easier to cast your vote w25522
7/24/2019 Alabama Political Reporter Study shows many thousands died without Medicaid expansion w26081
7/24/2019 Pacific Standard The Supreme Court Blocked Mandatory Medicaid Expansion. A New Study Finds That Cost 15000 ... w26081
7/24/2019 Healthcare Dive Medicaid coverage cuts mortality rates among low-income adults aged 55 to 64 w26081
7/24/2019 MedPage Today Docs No Less Likely Than Others to Get Aggressive End-of-Life Care w26038
7/24/2019 Mother Jones A New Study Found that 15000 People Died Because Their State Didn't Expand Medicaid w26081
7/23/2019 The Atlantic Should Electric Vehicle Drivers Pay Per Mile? w26072
7/23/2019 Healthcare Dive Even $10 increase in Medicaid payments helps erase disparities in care access, study says w26095
7/23/2019 Forbes The Bill To Green America's Electricity Industry Is As Big As The Banking Bailout w26084
7/23/2019 Vox Study: the US could have averted about 15600 deaths if every state expanded Medicaid w26081
7/22/2019 Forbes Banks' Inevitable Race To The Cloud w25188 or summary
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7/15/2019 The Sun (Malaysia) Asset declaration a powerful tool to prevent corruption w14703
7/15/2019 Central Banking NBER paper outlines 'four-equation model' w26067
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7/15/2019 Education Week Most Students of Color Have White Teachers. Here's Pete Buttigieg's Plan to Change That. w25254
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7/12/2019 HISTORY The US Deported a Million of Its Own Citizens to Mexico During the Great Depression w23885
7/11/2019 Mongabay 'Let us trade': Debate over ivory sales rages ahead of CITES summit w22314 or summary
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7/8/2019 The Washington Post It's not just paychecks: the surprising society-wide benefits of raising the minimum wage w25116
7/8/2019 CBS News $15 minimum wage would give up to 27 million a raise, CBO concludes w25434
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7/5/2019 The Beachwood Reporter How The 'Good Guy With A Gun' Became A Deadly American Fantasy w23510
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7/1/2019 Inside Higher Ed 'Shocking' Cut May Force Layoffs for Alaska's Universities w25945
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6/30/2019 Altoona Mirror Unseen danger: Exposure to lead-based paint in older buildings puts kids at risk
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6/27/2019 CNBC Why everyone is talking about free cash handouts-an explainer on universal basic income w25538
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6/26/2019 The Policy Times India has the highest number of stunted children in the world w21036
6/26/2019 Medical Xpress Study questions success of health intervention currently used in developing countries w25884
6/25/2019 The Pew Charitable Trusts Lack of Flood Risk Disclosure Law Leaves Homebuyers at Risk w23854 or summary
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6/25/2019 Vancouver Sun Reducing EV rebate means less but for more buyers in BC w25771 or summary
6/24/2019 The Tennessean More companies are offering paid paternity leave. Getting men to take it is another challenge w25902
6/24/2019 The Wall Street Journal Los Angeles Heat Wave Could Lead to Crime Wave in Poor Neighborhoods, Study Says w25961
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6/22/2019 Athens Banner-Herald Georgia has cut higher ed money more than most states w25945
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6/21/2019 The Washington Post Americans don't want endless trade wars, threats and tariffs. What we need is a bold alternative. w25638 or summary & w25672 or summary
6/21/2019 Education Dive: Latest Education News State funding cuts don't impact all public colleges equally, report finds w25945
6/19/2019 Quartz Fintech algorithms discriminate 40% less than traditional lenders w25943 or summary
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6/19/2019 Mesquite Local News Is minimum wage hike constitutional? w23532 & w25182
6/18/2019 Market Watch Higher temperatures can lead to more violent crime, especially in poorer neighborhoods w25961
6/18/2019 Market Watch Cuts in state funding to public colleges may be to blame for a decline in bachelor's degrees w25945
6/18/2019 Moms.com Parental Leave Policies For Dads Affect Maternal Health, Study Shows w25902
6/18/2019 Yahoo! Finance 'The risk is that prices are going up' as trade war poses big test for consumers w25672 or summary
6/18/2019 Skilled Nursing News 'SNF Star Ratings Matter': Nursing Homes with High Ratings Produce Better Outcomes w25940
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6/14/2019 The Ladders Study: When fathers are given work flexibility after childbirth, mothers' health improves w25902
6/14/2019 Massive Science It's time to cancel the "manel" w25028 or summary
6/13/2019 Science Daily New economic study shows combination of SNAP and WIC improves food security w25587
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5/25/2019 Gulf Times Tariff trade war 'negatively' affect US, China economies: QNB w25638 or summary & w25672 or summary
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5/23/2019 NPR White House To Announce $16 Billion In Aid To Farmers Hurt By Trade War With China w25672 or summary
5/23/2019 The Wall Street Journal Latest China Tariffs Will Cost $831 per Household, Report Says w25672 or summary
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5/19/2019 Post-Bulletin Price hikes from rising tariffs loom ahead of busy shopping seasons w25767
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5/1/2019 Romper First-Time Moms Are Affected By Gender Pay Gap While Dads Get Increased Salaries, Study Finds w24219
4/30/2019 CNBC First-time moms see a 30% drop in pay. For dads, there's a bump up w24219
4/30/2019 The Wall Street Journal AI for Molecular Design w24449
4/30/2019 The Washington Post Researchers say there's a simple way to reduce suicides: Increase the minimum wage w25787
4/30/2019 Business Insider Researchers say raising the minimum wage could prevent more than 1200 suicides a year w25787
4/30/2019 The Washington Post Democrats said a GOP tax law provision would devastate blue states. That's not happening. w25770
4/30/2019 Bustle The Gender Pay Gap For Moms Who Just Had Their First Child Is Startling w24219
4/30/2019 CBS News Want to decrease suicide? Raise the minimum wage, researchers suggest w25787
4/29/2019 International Director The Tangible Problem of Measuring Intangible Assets w24363
4/29/2019 Lake County News Increasing minimum wage, tax credits could stop over 1200 suicides a year, paper finds w25787
4/29/2019 Forbes Higher Minimum Wage Could Cut Suicide Rates Says New Study w25787
4/29/2019 Post News Group Research: Increasing Minimum Wage, Tax Credits Could Stop Over 1200 Suicides a Year w25787
4/27/2019 Savannah Morning News Viewpoints, Mark Murphy: Free medical school may be answer to curbing physician shortage w24787 or summary
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4/25/2019 bbntimes.com Financial Managers and Misconduct w22050
4/24/2019 Education Week 100000 Undocumented Students Graduate From US High Schools Each Year, Analysis Finds w24315
4/24/2019 The Washington Post Trump’s washing-machine tariffs cost U.S. consumers $815,000 for every job created w25767
4/23/2019 CNBC As decision day nears, here's what attending a top college is worth w25315 or summary
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4/10/2019 Forex Tribune Targeted Cancer Therapies Market Analysis, Growth by Top Companies, Trends by Types and ... w20867
4/10/2019 7thSpace Higher lead in topsoil boosts probability of cognitive difficulties in 5-year-old boys w24607
4/9/2019 Las Vegas Review-Journal Study finds that large minimum wage hikes boost the property crime rate w25647
4/9/2019 WHYY-FM How to close the wage gap? Pa. lawmakers look to family leave w23381 or summary
4/9/2019 BBC Modi's India w25370 or summary
4/9/2019 WSKG How To Close The Wage Gap? PA Lawmakers Look To Family Leave. w23381 or summary
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4/8/2019 Witf How to close the wage gap? Lawmakers look to family leave. w23381 or summary
4/8/2019 Reason Achievement Gap Between Rich and Poor Public School Students Unchanged Over 50 Years w25648
4/7/2019 The Wall Street Journal Hidden Costs in the 'Fight for $15' w23532 & w25182 & w25647
4/6/2019 Foreign Policy India Has a Mindset Problem w25370 or summary
4/5/2019 World Finance The slow death of global stock markets w21181 or summary
4/5/2019 Newsmax Study: Raising Minimum Wage Could Lead to More Crime w25647
4/4/2019 The Wall Street Journal 'Elite Resiliency' Bolstered Southern Aristocracy After Civil War w25700
4/4/2019 The Washington Post How the South's slave-owning dynasties regained their wealth after the Civil War w25700
4/3/2019 Akron Beacon Journal Beacon Journal/Ohio.com editorial board: Going too far on concealed carry w23510
4/3/2019 Go Erie Our view: More minority teachers are needed in Erie w25254
4/3/2019 Greater Good Science Center What Happens When We Seek Status Instead of Goodness? w7322 or summary
4/3/2019 Republic Report State Colleges Seduced By For-Profit, Online Education w22287
4/3/2019 Chicago Tribune How work-life programs stall women's careers, pay w23381 or summary
4/3/2019 The Times-Picayune New Orleans hopes to address school discipline via community meetings w25384 or summary
4/2/2019 Bloomberg $3.3 Trillion of Global Debt Starts to Tip the Scale w18015 or summary
4/2/2019 ThinkAdvisor The Answer: About $9 Million w25708
4/1/2019 The Hechinger Report Higher salaries for 'breaking bad' in the classroom w25602
4/1/2019 Houston Chronicle Artificial intelligence can screen job candidates better than human managers w21709 or summary
4/1/2019 USA Today The government is now a check-writing, wealth-redistribution machine that costs trillions w6013 or summary
4/1/2019 Market Watch Here's what it would take for users to give up Facebook for a month w25695
4/1/2019 News-Press Report: Minimum wage hikes could lead to increased property crimes and $2.4 billion in ... w25647
4/1/2019 Yahoo! Finance The most successful people have parents who do this w24935
4/1/2019 KULR-TV Report: Minimum wage hikes could lead to increased property crimes and $2.4 billion in ... w25647
3/31/2019 The Post and Courier Of course millennials own and drive cars, but do they want to? w25674
3/31/2019 Tango Publishing Corporation Why I Refuse To Keep Paying The Unacceptable Cost Of Being A Black Woman In America Today w21612
3/28/2019 Mint (India) Skills are concentrated in big cities, says study w25678
3/28/2019 The New York Times Lyft Is Ready for Its IPO How Much Pop Is Left? w24265
3/28/2019 The Colorado Independent Opioid-addiction treatment slips on priority list as Senate advances state budget w23171
3/27/2019 San Antonio Express-News Global economy needs resolution on US-China trade war w25672 or summary
3/27/2019 The Atlantic Despite 'Car-Free' Hype, Millennials Drive a Lot w25674
3/26/2019 Inside Indiana Business The Importance of Leveraging Grant Opportunities for School Success w20118
3/26/2019 US News & World Report Does Having Kids Make Couples Happier? New Study Says Yes, But ... w25597
3/25/2019 National Review New Study on the Trade War w25672 or summary
3/25/2019 Goodtoknow Recipes Study suggests that babies born in September might be more successful than their peers w23660
3/25/2019 USA Today More older women are returning to work, rebuilding savings and a professional identity w21669
3/25/2019 Bloomberg The Health of a Country's Economy Is Hiding in Plain Tweets w25465
3/25/2019 Fatherly What Living Near Grandma and Grandpa Does For a Family w19100
3/25/2019 Agweek Study: $7.8 billion loss from Trump trade policies w25672 or summary
3/25/2019 Southernminn Study: $7.8 billion loss from Trump trade policies w25638 or summary
3/24/2019 NewsGram (Chicago) Analysts Claim, China's New Silk Road May Raise Concerns Of Italian Workers w18054
3/24/2019 USA Today Here's why smart investors should think globally when watching for recessions Read the Research
3/24/2019 The Wall Street Journal Inverted Yield Curve Is Telling Investors What They Already Know Read the Research
3/24/2019 Mint (India) The arrest of Nirav Modi and the rule of law w12023
3/23/2019 Bearing Drift Today May Very Well Be the Beginning of the End for Trump Read the Research
3/22/2019 Atlanta Journal-Constitution Machines drive textile industry comeback bid in South w23285 or summary
3/22/2019 The Denver Post Colorado teen pregnancies dropped 20 percent near clinics now at risk of losing federal Title X ... w25656
3/22/2019 US News & World Report Colorado Family Planning Initiative Reduced Teen Pregnancies w25656
3/21/2019 Pekin (Illinois) Times Knight: Shutdown victims remind us of unions' value w24587 or summary
3/21/2019 Marie Claire The smartest people are born during this month (apparently) w23660
3/21/2019 The New York Times The Outspoken Women of the House w22488
3/20/2019 Washington Examiner A $44000 surgery can cost just $16000 somewhere else for one reason: competition w21815 or summary
3/19/2019 Marianas Variety OPINION | How are those steel tariffs working? w25638 or summary
3/19/2019 Yahoo! Finance US-China trade war hit US economy by $7.8bn w25638 or summary
3/19/2019 The Baltimore Sun Raising minimum wage won't solve Baltimore's crime problems w25647
3/19/2019 The Hill There is never a good time for a trade war w25402
3/19/2019 24/7 Wall St. China Trade War Cost US $7.8 Billion Last Year w25638 or summary
3/19/2019 Science News The learning gap between rich and poor students hasn't changed in decades w25648
3/19/2019 Education Dive: Latest Education News Rising temperatures linked to wider achievement gap, lower academic performance w24639 or summary
3/19/2019 Market Watch Why you can't afford to miss Medicare's general enrollment w24599 or summary
3/19/2019 The New York Observer Poison Ivy League: Is It Actually Worth It to Cheat Into the Elite? w7322 or summary
3/19/2019 The Christian Science Monitor Trapped in tariffs, lobster-gear industry looks for way out w25638 or summary
3/18/2019 NBC News To curb traffic, cities explore implementing congestion pricing during peak hours w24410 or summary
3/18/2019 Amherst Bulletin Columnist Jim Oldham: Time to rethink higher education w22287
3/18/2019 Forbes Medicare For All Won't Result In Better Health Outcomes w25568
3/18/2019 Daily Mail Better access to IUDs drove a 20% drop in teen pregnancy and abortions, report finds - but experts ... w25656
3/18/2019 Pacific Standard Is Bribing Your Kid's Way Into College Actually a Good Investment? w22935
3/18/2019 People The Shady but Legal Ways the Rich and Powerful Help Their Kids Into College, Experts Say (Just ... w18586 or summary & w20861
3/18/2019 The Inquirer (Philadelphia) Another day, another soda tax battle -- this time in City Council | Editorial w25052
3/17/2019 The Express Tribune (Pakistan) Trade war cost US economy $7.8 billion in 2018: study w25638 or summary
3/17/2019 Fox Business US-China trade: How a deal with Beijing could be enforced w25638 or summary
3/17/2019 Herald and News Has online shopping saved us any money? w25610
3/17/2019 The Wall Street Journal How Are Those Steel Tariffs Working? w25638 or summary
3/16/2019 China Global Television Network Trump's trade war cost US economy $7.8 bln in 2018: study w25638 or summary
3/16/2019 The Japan Times Trump's trade war cost US economy $7.8 billion in 2018, study says w25638 or summary
3/16/2019 rt.com (Russia Today) Trump's trade war cut $7.8bn from US economy in 2018, study says w25638 or summary
3/16/2019 Al Arabiya Trump's trade war cost US economy $7.8 bln in 2018, says study w25638 or summary
3/15/2019 Mint (India) Why anti-tobacco warnings are not effective w25632
3/15/2019 KALW (Radio Station) Driver discrimination still a problem as Uber and Lyft prepare to go public w22776 or summary
3/15/2019 InsideSources US Can Do More to Address Humanitarian Crisis in Central America w23852
3/15/2019 The Washington Post Has online shopping actually saved us any money? w25610
3/15/2019 Entrepreneur Ageism and the Gender Pay Gap: Why Getting Older Can Be Problematic for Women w21669
3/15/2019 Euronews Trump's trade war cost US economy $7.8 billion in 2018 - study w25638 or summary
3/15/2019 KFGO The Mighty 790 AM Trump's trade war cost US economy $7.8 billion in 2018: study w25638 or summary
3/15/2019 The Post and Courier With their 'Ellen Show' debut, Ashley Ridge seniors shine a light on the need for teachers w25254
3/15/2019 US News & World Report Trump's Trade War Cost US Economy $7.8 Billion in 2018: Study w25638 or summary
3/14/2019 Financial Advisor IQ Don't Let Clients Fall into the Dividend Growth Trap w25603
3/14/2019 Inlander The Spokane City Council might eliminate helmet requirements for Lime bikes and scooters, but ... w18773
3/14/2019 Crain Communications How entrepreneurship shapes a community w16300 or summary
3/13/2019 Market Watch How professionals with ADHD make their jobs (and life) work for them w18689
3/13/2019 The Inquirer (Philadelphia) Soda tax-funded preK will drive Philadelphia's future | Opinion w25052
3/13/2019 Windsor Star Will more pipelines stop oil trains and the growing risk of derailments? w23855
3/13/2019 Forbes The Irony Of The Elite College Admission Bribery Scandal w17159
3/13/2019 Duluth News Tribune National View: Pipeline protesters risk environment, communities w23852
3/12/2019 The Maine Wire Efforts to broaden the 'death tax' in Maine will backfire w10645
3/12/2019 Bloomberg Powell's Labor Market Worries Find Plenty of Support in the Data w25646
3/12/2019 Politico Biden vs. Warren: Round 1 w24934
3/12/2019 The Wall Street Journal What Hurt Chinese Growth in Last Decade? Corruption Crackdown w22650
3/11/2019 Fatherly Parents Are Only Happy with Kids When They Can Afford Them w25597
3/10/2019 ABC News Australia How central bankers blew up the global economy w25462
3/9/2019 The Atlantic Where Have All the Men Without College Degrees Gone? w25577
3/9/2019 Borneo Bulletin Working parents are an endangered species. That's why Democrats are talking child care w25524
3/8/2019 All About Moms Kids Born In August Who Aren't Held Back Don't Do As Well In School w23660
3/8/2019 Washington Examiner Maryland has better alternatives to the millionaire's tax w7980 or summary
3/7/2019 Transparency International Troika Laundromat signals a different kind of financial crisis w23712
3/7/2019 Washington Examiner Children, not husbands and employers, are the real reason women earn less than men w24219
3/6/2019 South China Morning Post CrossFit in China: how the world's biggest fitness trend is conquering the world's most populous ... w23601
3/6/2019 Futurity Doctor or nurse in the family? You're more likely to hit 80 w25618 or summary
3/6/2019 The Wall Street Journal The Trouble With Taxing Wealth w24371
3/6/2019 The Washington Post Hillary Clinton's claims about voter suppression in Georgia and Wisconsin w25522
3/6/2019 Business Insider Singapore 10 reasons why daylight savings is the worst w14429
3/5/2019 Forbes Emerging Market Borrowing Is Breaking Records w25185 or summary
3/5/2019 Reason The Market Says Climate Change Is Happening w25554
3/5/2019 Education Week Third Grade Retention of ELLs: New Research Sparks Furor w25472
3/4/2019 ScienceNews Welfare reforms may have hurt some single moms' teenage kids w25527
3/4/2019 Pennsylvania Capital-Star Falling Back: Rep. Russ Diamond wants to end Daylight Saving Time in Pennsylvania w14429
3/1/2019 The Washington Post The baby boomers' parting gift to the workforce: One last mess w25572
3/1/2019 NBC News Is ultra-wealth a problem? More and more, the answer is 'yes' w23119
3/1/2019 Deseret News Bill to strengthen Utah's stand-your-ground law advances to the Senate w18187
3/1/2019 CNBC Here's how much you'd have to pay people to deactivate Facebook for a month w25514
2/28/2019 Mint India Do celebrity endorsements sway public opinion? w25589
2/28/2019 milbankmonitor.com As STEM majors soar at UW, interest in humanities shrinks - a potentially costly loss w23029 or summary
2/28/2019 Forbes America's Wealth Inequality Is At Roaring Twenties Levels w25462
2/28/2019 Education Week Don't Be Too Quick to Retain English-Language Learners w25472
2/27/2019 The (Newman, GA) Times-Herald The misplaced war on pot w22688
2/27/2019 The Washington Post Your workplace wellness program probably isn’t making you healthier w24229 or summary
2/27/2019 Datanami: Big Data, Big Analytics, Big Insights ML Patent Apps Still Soaring w24793
2/27/2019 Daily Call Lessons from Big Bird and the gang w21229
2/27/2019 Mother Jones New Study Confirms That Tariffs Are Bad w25402
2/26/2019 MarketWatch One theory on why having kids makes people unhappy w25597
2/26/2019 Market Watch Opinion: Why gold won't save your portfolio from inflation's bite w18706
2/26/2019 Washington Examiner How socialism destroys private charity and hurts the poor w11332
2/26/2019 The Washington Post Working parents are an endangered species. That's why Democrats are talking child care. w24219
2/26/2019 Daily Mail (London) Does having children make you happy? It would if parenting was cheaper, study finds w25597
2/25/2019 The Wall Street Journal Despite Tight Job Market, Labor Force’s Income Is Squeezed w24307 or summary
2/24/2019 The Advocate, New Orleans Eighth graders held back are more likely to commit violent crimes later w25384 or summary
2/23/2019 Business Insider US inequality is only getting worse, and the 'dynastic wealth' bemoaned by Warren Buffett may be ... w24085 or summary
2/22/2019 The Times of London Instagram bragging is driving up debt w25566
2/21/2019 Quartz New research finds that US immigrant entrepreneurs score higher on innovation w25565
2/21/2019 InsideSources Fueling a Green New Deal with Liquefied Natural Gas w22914
2/20/2019 The Federalist Study Finds Voter ID Requirements Don't Repress Minority Votes w25522
2/20/2019 Yahoo! Sports New US census data shows that immigrant-owned tech firms are more innovative w25565
2/20/2019 Inside Philanthropy Hidden Hand: Just How Self-Interested is Corporate Philanthropy? w24451 or summary
2/20/2019 Economics21 Moms Matter: Evidence on the Gender Wage Gap, Parental Influence, and Welfare Reform w25533
2/19/2019 ThinkAdvisor Consumers at High Risk for Dementia Put More Wealth in CDs: Researchers w25526
2/19/2019 The Economist Do laws requiring voter ID reduce turnout among black Americans? w25522
2/19/2019 The Times-Picayune Being held back in school is linked to violent crimes in adults, study says w25384 or summary
2/18/2019 Barron's Research: We Reinvest Half as Much After a Loss as We Do After a Gain w25542
2/18/2019 Pacific Standard Algorithms Are Biased. That Might Help Regulators End Discrimination, a New Paper Argues. w25548
2/15/2019 InsideSources New Data Show Voter ID Laws Don't Suppress Turnout, But Political Battles Continue w25522
2/15/2019 The Sacramento Bee Will 'basic income' become the California norm? Stockton starts $500 no-strings payments w25538
2/15/2019 The Washington Post $300 billion business tax break meant to raise wages is instead helping companies replace workers with machines w25546
2/15/2019 Forbes Protip: If They're Working to Get You Fired, They're Not Your Friends w24635
2/14/2019 The Washington Times Study undercuts Dems in voter ID fight: 'Disenfranchisement allegations were always a smokescreen' w25522
2/14/2019 Providence Journal Editorial: Latest attack on voter ID w25503
2/14/2019 CNBC A US-China trade deal may not be the catalyst the market is expecting w25505
2/14/2019 The Wall Street Journal The Unrealistic Economics of the Green New Deal w21331
2/13/2019 The Hill The Hill's Morning Report - Presented by the American Academy of HIV Medicine - Getting Trump ... w25538
2/13/2019 Vox The important questions about universal basic income haven't been answered yet w25538
2/13/2019 The Washington Post Anti-vaxxers are spreading conspiracy theories on Facebook, and the company is struggling to ... w25223
2/13/2019 New York Post Women over 30 are having the most babies for first time ever w25521 or summary
2/13/2019 Fortune Gilded Age 2.0: US Income Inequality Increases to Pre-Great Depression Levels w25462
2/12/2019 Forbes Wealth Inequality Is Way Worse Than You Think, And Tax Havens Play A Big Role w25462
2/12/2019 The Daily Signal New Study: Voter ID Laws Don't Deter Turnout or Fraud w25522
2/12/2019 WJBC WJBC Voices: Raising the minimum wage-is it so traumatic? w25434
2/11/2019 Market Watch It's been almost a 100 years since the America's 1% had so much wealth w25462
2/11/2019 Providence Journal Political Scene: Brown academics' study on RI voter ID law raises questions w25503
2/11/2019 Asbury Park Press Career academies: The best education tax money can buy? w17286
2/11/2019 Non Profit News Counting What Counts: Why Social Accounting MATTERS w22587 or summary
2/11/2019 The Wall Street Journal Does Your Company Need to Know Your Body-Mass Index? w24229 or summary
2/9/2019 Tallahassee Democrat Bail system ineffective in public protection, unfair to people without money | Opinion w22511
2/8/2019 Forbes Why Green Bonds May Be Our Best Hope For Tackling Climate Change w25194
2/8/2019 Pacific Standard People Who Quit Facebook Are Less Anxious w25514
2/8/2019 People Kids Born in August (Who Aren't Held Back from Starting School) Don't Perform as Well: Study w23660
2/8/2019 Being Libertarian Want to Make University Affordable? Stop Giving Out Student Loans Read the research
2/7/2019 Romper Lower Rates Of Unintended Pregnancies May Be Behind Low US Birth Rate, New Research ... w25521 or summary
2/7/2019 Financial Advisor Call For $15 National Minimum Wage Grows Louder In Democrat-Controlled House w25434
2/6/2019 The Standard (Kenya) Parents should spend more time with their children for academic success-Study w25495 & w25513
2/6/2019 UPRISE RI New Voter ID study shows 'a significant negative effect' on presidential election turnout in Rhode ... w25503
2/6/2019 Wolf Street Oops: Low Interest Rates a "Factor" in Slowdown of Economic & Productivity Growth: NBER w25505
2/6/2019 Medical Xpress Fewer unintended pregnancies contribute to all-time low US fertility rate, new research says w25521 or summary
2/6/2019 ThinkAdvisor Aging Population Is an Economic Double Whammy w25498
2/6/2019 The Daily Caller OPINION: California's Carbon Fixation Allows Lawmakers to Avoid Hard Choices w25359
2/6/2019 The Atlantic For the Last Time, Here's the Real Link Between Immigration and Crime w13229
2/5/2019 Pacific Standard Can Traffic Pollution Negatively Affect Student Performance? w25489
2/5/2019 Bloomberg What's Got US Inflation So Depressed? Just Asking for the Fed w25511
2/4/2019 Education Week What's a More Important Parent Investment: Money or Time? w25495 & w25513
2/4/2019 The Wall Street Journal Want to Invest in a True 'Value' Fund? Good Luck Finding One w25381
2/4/2019 The Atlantic How Car Pollution Hurts Kids' Performance in School w25489
2/4/2019 US News & World Report Study: OxyContin Reformulation Led to Rise in Hepatitis C Rates w24475
2/4/2019 The New York Times Tech Is Splitting the US Work Force in Two w24321
2/4/2019 The Siasat Daily (India) Time parents spend with children key to their academic success w25495
2/4/2019 Kerala News (India) Time parents spend with children key to their academic success w25495
2/4/2019 National Observer (Canada) How car pollution hurts kids' performance in school w25489
2/3/2019 Mint (India) Role of communication in monetary policy w25482
2/1/2019 Business Insider India India's government wants you to believe that demonetisation didn't slow down the economy w25370 or summary
2/1/2019 Post Crescent (Wisconsin) Gov. Tony Evers wants more money for K-12 education. Research backs many of his ideas. w22011
2/1/2019 Miami Herald Plan now on ways to take care of yourself through a long retirement w24226 or summary
2/1/2019 Market Watch Opinion: Trump is copying the failed trade policies of both Mexico and India w24353
2/1/2019 Education Week Study: Repeating 3rd Grade Could Help Struggling English-Learners w25472
1/31/2019 Becker's Hospital Review California hospitals record higher profits under Medicaid expansion, study finds w25488
1/30/2019 Forbes Hey, Elizabeth Warren: The Rich Will Find A Way To Outfox Your Tax Plan w25442 or summary
1/30/2019 Seeking Alpha How Public Pension Funds Are Subsidizing Infrastructure w25045
1/29/2019 BBN Times Do We Even Know If the Gig Economy Is Growing? w25425
1/29/2019 Healthcare Dive: Healthcare and Health IT News California hospital revenue, profitability rose under ACA, Medicaid expansion w25488
1/29/2019 San Jose Mercury News Opinion: Governor doubles down on one of best tools to fight poverty w21340
1/28/2019 Bloomberg Holocaust Health Paradox: Survivors Lived Longer w25480
1/28/2019 Pacific Standard The Government Shutdown Could Mean an Exodus of Public-Sector Employees w22932 or summary
1/28/2019 Non Profit News The Intersection of Corporate Philanthropy and Private Sector Lobbying w25329
1/28/2019 The Hechinger Report Immigrants learned English in half the time when they were held back in third grade w25472
1/28/2019 Inside Higher Ed Underrepresented Students, Unintended Consequences w25479
1/27/2019 Yahoo! Finance Here's the Difference Delaying Retirement by 6 Months Can Make w24226 or summary
1/27/2019 The National Interest No, Trump Should Not Be Given Increased Trade Authority w21782
1/27/2019 The Washington Post Trump rollbacks for fossil fuel industries carry steep cost w22242
1/26/2019 The Chronicle of Higher Education Why Colleges May Be Chasing the Wrong Numbers to Enroll More Low-Income Students w25479
1/24/2019 Rocket City Now Decatur-Morgan Hospital unveils upgrades, challenging number of uninsured people remains w21290 or summary
1/24/2019 Live Mint How science shapes culture and economics w25429
1/23/2019 Deseret News Tiffany Gee Lewis: Redshirt your kindergartener? Go for it w23660
1/22/2019 Breitbart News Network MLK Day: Decades Later, Immigration in the Interests of Black America Remains a Dream w12518 or summary
1/22/2019 Bloomberg Trump's Tariffs Are Helping the Fed Close in on Its Price Goal w25462
1/22/2019 Financial Planning Voices Trump vs. Obama: Who had best 2-year stock market gains? w23184
1/22/2019 Financial Times Central bankers plan for disruption caused by climate change w20750 or summary
1/21/2019 The Inquirer (Philadelphia) Is New Jersey's $15 minimum wage good or bad for small businesses? w24635
1/21/2019 The Plain Dealer Women are sometimes not taken seriously at the car shop: Here's how to get the best service w19154
1/21/2019 The Hechinger Report Recessionary cuts in public education restored by 2015-16 w25368
1/21/2019 The Washington Post Chinese economy slows to lowest growth rate in 28 years w24230
1/20/2019 The Seattle Times As STEM majors soar at UW, interest in humanities shrinks - a potentially costly loss w25314
1/19/2019 Barron's No, Drug Treatment Centers Won't Lower Your Property Value w25427
1/18/2019 Federal News Network Furloughed with nowhere to go, feds give 'gig economy' a shot w21025
1/17/2019 Education Dive: Latest Education News Study: Black students more likely to attend college if taught by black teachers in early grades w25254
1/17/2019 Forbes The Double Whammy For Women Over 50 In The Workplace Today w21669
1/17/2019 Splinter News Study: Fear Robots, Not Immigrants w25438
1/16/2019 The New York Times The Chart That Shows the Financial Peril Facing Many Federal Workers w21025
1/16/2019 ThinkAdvisor Federal Data and Its Discontents Loom Large as Shutdown Wears On w25431
1/16/2019 CNBC Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio: 'Capitalism basically is not working for the majority of people' w20625
1/16/2019 Financial Post The real reason people fail to save enough for retirement - and what you can do to limit the damage w25238
1/15/2019 Bloomberg The US Is a Meritocracy. That Doesn't Mean It's Fair. w25442 or summary
1/15/2019 Healthcare Dive Study shows impact of urgent care centers on nonemergent ED usage w25428
1/15/2019 The Inquirer (Philadelphia) What message does Mayor Kenney send to future Philly biz owners by dismissing ShopRite's soda ... w25052
1/15/2019 Wave3 News, Louisville Partnership between JCPS and Simmons College will increase minority teachers, help black ... w25254
1/15/2019 Bloomberg Federal Economic Data Gets Furloughed by the Shutdown w25431
1/14/2019 Independent Record (Helena, MT) Want a Way Better Life in Retirement? Stay at Your Job an Extra Six Months w24226 or summary
1/14/2019 Inside Higher Ed To Add Black College Students, Recruit Black Schoolteachers w25254
1/14/2019 Inside Higher Ed Ethical College Admissions: Does It Matter Where You Go to College? w25315 or summary & w7322 or summary
1/14/2019 Hindustan Times Time India's car capital, Delhi, learnt how to drive safe w12274
1/14/2019 London School of Economics and Political Science How Karl Polanyi can help us understand the threat posed by populism w22637
1/14/2019 The New York Times How Companies Like Apple Sprinkle Secrets in Earnings Reports w25084 or summary
1/14/2019 Diverse Issues in Higher Education Study: Black Students who Have One Black Teacher are More Likely to Enroll in College w25254
1/14/2019 MIT Sloan Management Review Do Workplace Wellness Programs Really Work? w24229 or summary
1/13/2019 Scary Mommy, LLC Black Students Who Have Black Teachers Are More Likely To Go To College w25254
1/12/2019 The Inquirer (Philadelphia) Soda tax takes toll on stores near the city's edge w25052
1/11/2019 Market Watch Do drug treatment facilities really lower property values? Finally, an answer w25427
1/11/2019 Cincinnati Public Radio To Get To College, It Helps Black Students To Have A Black Teacher Early On w25254
1/11/2019 Investor's Business Daily It's A Shutdown, Not Armageddon w21025
1/11/2019 The Patriot Ledger WEALTH HEALTH: Try shutting down your paycheck like a federal employee w21025
1/10/2019 The Washington Post Once sidelined, women and minorities are returning to the workforce w25357
1/10/2019 Market Watch Why some immigrant kids are more likely to pursue STEM majors w22623 or summary
1/10/2019 Bloomberg Do Economic Booms Die of Old Age? Read the Research
1/10/2019 Chicago Tribune In Illinois, only 1 percent of public school teachers are black men. Here's why that's hurting students. w25254
1/10/2019 The New York Times How Companies Like Apple Sprinkle Secrets in Earnings Reports w25084 or summary
1/10/2019 The Salem (Oregon) Reporter 2018 law lacks teeth for overprescribing doctors w24975
1/9/2019 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Do charter schools seek out easier-to-teach students? w25396
1/9/2019 The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Mississippi) Turning 60: Tough choices on Social Security, Medicare must be made over next 15-20 years w10466 or summary
1/9/2019 The Cecil Whig (Elkton, MD) As Airbnb grows, regulation potential looms w24361
1/8/2019 Federal News Network 'This isn't normal': Government shutdown about more than paychecks w21025
1/8/2019 The Saskatoon Star Phoenix William Watson: Trump risked losing his base by renegotiating NAFTA (and survived) w25379
1/8/2019 The Guardian Amazon and the homeless: a tale of two Long Island cities w16237
1/8/2019 Federal News Network Furloughs, exceptions and your spending habits w21025
1/8/2019 Financial Post William Watson: Trump risked losing his base by renegotiating NAFTA (and survived) w25379
1/7/2019 The Real Deal Some real estate startups have seen sky-high valuations. Now, investors want the market to dip w23895 or summary
1/7/2019 The Economic Times (India) Who wants a market downturn? These investors actually do w23895 or summary
1/6/2019 The Hill Reforming veterans benefits will be controversial, but necessary w21144
1/6/2019 The New York Times Who Wants a Market Downturn? These Investors Actually Do. w23895 or summary
1/5/2019 The Oregonian Minority homeownership climbs across Portland metro but stalls within city limits w20762
1/4/2019 Pacific Standard The Future of the Minimum Wage Is Alive in Seattle w25182
1/3/2019 Daily Global Insights US Study Claims Indian Economy Was Hit By 2% Point Following Demonetization w25370 or summary
1/3/2019 Mint (India) Tariffs lower growth, raise inequality levels w25402
1/2/2019 Education Week School Retention Linked to Violent Crimes in Adulthood in New Study w25384 or summary
1/2/2019 Federal News Network A furloughed federal employee's guide to filing for unemployment during the shutdown w21025
1/1/2019 The Washington Post Here are some steps to take when your paycheck is stopped w21025

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