NBER in the news - 2019

Date Source Headline Working Paper
2/15/2019 insidesources.com New Data Show Voter ID Laws Don't Suppress Turnout, But Political Battles Continue w25522
2/14/2019 The Washington Times Study undercuts Dems in voter ID fight: 'Disenfranchisement allegations were always a smokescreen' w25522
2/14/2019 Providence Journal Editorial: Latest attack on voter ID w25503
2/14/2019 CNBC A US-China trade deal may not be the catalyst the market is expecting w25505
2/14/2019 The Wall Street Journal The Unrealistic Economics of the Green New Deal w21331
2/13/2019 The Hill The Hill's Morning Report - Presented by the American Academy of HIV Medicine - Getting Trump ... w25538
2/13/2019 Vox The important questions about universal basic income haven't been answered yet w25538
2/13/2019 The Washington Post Anti-vaxxers are spreading conspiracy theories on Facebook, and the company is struggling to ... w25223
2/13/2019 New York Post Women over 30 are having the most babies for first time ever w25521
2/13/2019 Fortune Gilded Age 2.0: US Income Inequality Increases to Pre-Great Depression Levels w25462
2/12/2019 Forbes Wealth Inequality Is Way Worse Than You Think, And Tax Havens Play A Big Role w25462
2/12/2019 The Daily Signal New Study: Voter ID Laws Don't Deter Turnout or Fraud w25522
2/12/2019 WJBC WJBC Voices: Raising the minimum wage-is it so traumatic? w25434
2/11/2019 Market Watch It's been almost a 100 years since the America's 1% had so much wealth w25462
2/11/2019 Providence Journal Political Scene: Brown academics' study on RI voter ID law raises questions w25503
2/11/2019 app.com Career academies: The best education tax money can buy? w17286
2/11/2019 Non Profit News Counting What Counts: Why Social Accounting MATTERS w22587 or summary
2/11/2019 The Wall Street Journal Does Your Company Need to Know Your Body-Mass Index? w24229 or summary
2/9/2019 Tallahassee Democrat Bail system ineffective in public protection, unfair to people without money | Opinion w22511
2/8/2019 Forbes Why Green Bonds May Be Our Best Hope For Tackling Climate Change w25194
2/8/2019 Pacific Standard People Who Quit Facebook Are Less Anxious w25514
2/8/2019 People Kids Born in August (Who Aren't Held Back from Starting School) Don't Perform as Well: Study w23660
2/8/2019 beinglibertarian.com Want to Make University Affordable? Stop Giving Out Student Loans Read the research
2/7/2019 Romper Lower Rates Of Unintended Pregnancies May Be Behind Low US Birth Rate, New Research ... w25521
2/7/2019 Financial Advisor Call For $15 National Minimum Wage Grows Louder In Democrat-Controlled House w25434
2/6/2019 The Standard (Kenya) Parents should spend more time with their children for academic success-Study w25495 & w25513
2/6/2019 UPRISE RI New Voter ID study shows 'a significant negative effect' on presidential election turnout in Rhode ... w25503
2/6/2019 Wolf Street Oops: Low Interest Rates a "Factor" in Slowdown of Economic & Productivity Growth: NBER w25505
2/6/2019 Medical Xpress Fewer unintended pregnancies contribute to all-time low US fertility rate, new research says w25521
2/6/2019 ThinkAdvisor Aging Population Is an Economic Double Whammy w25498
2/6/2019 The Daily Caller OPINION: California's Carbon Fixation Allows Lawmakers to Avoid Hard Choices w25359
2/6/2019 The Atlantic For the Last Time, Here's the Real Link Between Immigration and Crime w13229
2/5/2019 Pacific Standard Can Traffic Pollution Negatively Affect Student Performance? w25489
2/5/2019 Bloomberg What's Got US Inflation So Depressed? Just Asking for the Fed w25511
2/4/2019 Education Week What's a More Important Parent Investment: Money or Time? w25495 & w25513
2/4/2019 The Wall Street Journal Want to Invest in a True 'Value' Fund? Good Luck Finding One w25381
2/4/2019 The Atlantic How Car Pollution Hurts Kids' Performance in School w25489
2/4/2019 US News & World Report Study: OxyContin Reformulation Led to Rise in Hepatitis C Rates w24475
2/4/2019 The New York Times Tech Is Splitting the US Work Force in Two w24321
2/4/2019 The Siasat Daily (India) Time parents spend with children key to their academic success w25495
2/4/2019 Kerala News (India) Time parents spend with children key to their academic success w25495
2/4/2019 National Observer (Canada) How car pollution hurts kids' performance in school w25489
2/3/2019 Mint (India) Role of communication in monetary policy w25482
2/1/2019 Business Insider India India's government wants you to believe that demonetisation didn't slow down the economy w25370 or summary
2/1/2019 Post Crescent (Wisconsin) Gov. Tony Evers wants more money for K-12 education. Research backs many of his ideas. w22011
2/1/2019 Miami Herald Plan now on ways to take care of yourself through a long retirement w24226 or summary
2/1/2019 Market Watch Opinion: Trump is copying the failed trade policies of both Mexico and India w24353
2/1/2019 Education Week Study: Repeating 3rd Grade Could Help Struggling English-Learners w25472
1/31/2019 Becker's Hospital Review California hospitals record higher profits under Medicaid expansion, study finds w25488
1/30/2019 Forbes Hey, Elizabeth Warren: The Rich Will Find A Way To Outfox Your Tax Plan w25442
1/30/2019 Seeking Alpha How Public Pension Funds Are Subsidizing Infrastructure w25045
1/29/2019 BBN Times Do We Even Know If the Gig Economy Is Growing? w25425
1/29/2019 Healthcare Dive: Healthcare and Health IT News California hospital revenue, profitability rose under ACA, Medicaid expansion w25488
1/29/2019 San Jose Mercury News Opinion: Governor doubles down on one of best tools to fight poverty w21340
1/28/2019 Bloomberg Holocaust Health Paradox: Survivors Lived Longer w25480
1/28/2019 Pacific Standard The Government Shutdown Could Mean an Exodus of Public-Sector Employees w22932 or summary
1/28/2019 Non Profit News The Intersection of Corporate Philanthropy and Private Sector Lobbying w25329
1/28/2019 The Hechinger Report Immigrants learned English in half the time when they were held back in third grade w25472
1/28/2019 Inside Higher Ed Underrepresented Students, Unintended Consequences w25479
1/27/2019 Yahoo! Finance Here's the Difference Delaying Retirement by 6 Months Can Make w24226 or summary
1/27/2019 The National Interest No, Trump Should Not Be Given Increased Trade Authority w21782
1/27/2019 The Washington Post Trump rollbacks for fossil fuel industries carry steep cost w22242
1/26/2019 The Chronicle of Higher Education Why Colleges May Be Chasing the Wrong Numbers to Enroll More Low-Income Students w25479
1/24/2019 Rocket City Now Decatur-Morgan Hospital unveils upgrades, challenging number of uninsured people remains w21290 or summary
1/24/2019 Live Mint How science shapes culture and economics w25429
1/23/2019 Deseret News Tiffany Gee Lewis: Redshirt your kindergartener? Go for it w23660
1/22/2019 Breitbart News Network MLK Day: Decades Later, Immigration in the Interests of Black America Remains a Dream w12518 or summary
1/22/2019 Bloomberg Trump's Tariffs Are Helping the Fed Close in on Its Price Goal w25462
1/22/2019 Financial Planning Voices Trump vs. Obama: Who had best 2-year stock market gains? w23184
1/22/2019 Financial Times Central bankers plan for disruption caused by climate change w20750 or summary
1/21/2019 The Inquirer (Philadelphia) Is New Jersey's $15 minimum wage good or bad for small businesses? w24635
1/21/2019 The Plain Dealer Women are sometimes not taken seriously at the car shop: Here's how to get the best service w19154
1/21/2019 The Hechinger Report Recessionary cuts in public education restored by 2015-16 w25368
1/21/2019 The Washington Post Chinese economy slows to lowest growth rate in 28 years w24230
1/20/2019 The Seattle Times As STEM majors soar at UW, interest in humanities shrinks - a potentially costly loss w25314
1/19/2019 Barron's No, Drug Treatment Centers Won't Lower Your Property Value w25427
1/18/2019 Federal News Network Furloughed with nowhere to go, feds give 'gig economy' a shot w21025
1/17/2019 Education Dive: Latest Education News Study: Black students more likely to attend college if taught by black teachers in early grades w25254
1/17/2019 Forbes The Double Whammy For Women Over 50 In The Workplace Today w21669
1/17/2019 Splinter News Study: Fear Robots, Not Immigrants w25438
1/16/2019 The New York Times The Chart That Shows the Financial Peril Facing Many Federal Workers w21025
1/16/2019 ThinkAdvisor Federal Data and Its Discontents Loom Large as Shutdown Wears On w25431
1/16/2019 CNBC Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio: 'Capitalism basically is not working for the majority of people' w20625
1/16/2019 Financial Post The real reason people fail to save enough for retirement - and what you can do to limit the damage w25238
1/15/2019 Bloomberg The US Is a Meritocracy. That Doesn't Mean It's Fair. w25442
1/15/2019 Healthcare Dive Study shows impact of urgent care centers on nonemergent ED usage w25428
1/15/2019 The Inquirer (Philadelphia) What message does Mayor Kenney send to future Philly biz owners by dismissing ShopRite's soda ... w25052
1/15/2019 Wave3 News, Louisville Partnership between JCPS and Simmons College will increase minority teachers, help black ... w25254
1/15/2019 Bloomberg Federal Economic Data Gets Furloughed by the Shutdown w25431
1/14/2019 Independent Record (Helena, MT) Want a Way Better Life in Retirement? Stay at Your Job an Extra Six Months w24226 or summary
1/14/2019 Inside Higher Ed To Add Black College Students, Recruit Black Schoolteachers w25254
1/14/2019 Inside Higher Ed Ethical College Admissions: Does It Matter Where You Go to College? w25315 & w7322 or summary
1/14/2019 Hindustan Times Time India's car capital, Delhi, learnt how to drive safe w12274
1/14/2019 London School of Economics and Political Science How Karl Polanyi can help us understand the threat posed by populism w22637
1/14/2019 The New York Times How Companies Like Apple Sprinkle Secrets in Earnings Reports w25084 or summary
1/14/2019 Diverse Issues in Higher Education Study: Black Students who Have One Black Teacher are More Likely to Enroll in College w25254
1/14/2019 MIT Sloan Management Review Do Workplace Wellness Programs Really Work? w24229 or summary
1/13/2019 Scary Mommy, LLC Black Students Who Have Black Teachers Are More Likely To Go To College w25254
1/12/2019 The Inquirer (Philadelphia) Soda tax takes toll on stores near the city's edge w25052
1/11/2019 Market Watch Do drug treatment facilities really lower property values? Finally, an answer w25427
1/11/2019 Cincinnati Public Radio To Get To College, It Helps Black Students To Have A Black Teacher Early On w25254
1/11/2019 Investor's Business Daily It's A Shutdown, Not Armageddon w21025
1/11/2019 The Patriot Ledger WEALTH HEALTH: Try shutting down your paycheck like a federal employee w21025
1/10/2019 The Washington Post Once sidelined, women and minorities are returning to the workforce w25357
1/10/2019 Market Watch Why some immigrant kids are more likely to pursue STEM majors w22623 or summary
1/10/2019 Bloomberg Do Economic Booms Die of Old Age? Browse Business Cycle Dating information
1/10/2019 Chicago Tribune In Illinois, only 1 percent of public school teachers are black men. Here's why that's hurting students. w25254
1/10/2019 The New York Times How Companies Like Apple Sprinkle Secrets in Earnings Reports w25084 or summary
1/10/2019 The Salem (Oregon) Reporter 2018 law lacks teeth for overprescribing doctors w24975
1/9/2019 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Do charter schools seek out easier-to-teach students? w25396
1/9/2019 The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Mississippi) Turning 60: Tough choices on Social Security, Medicare must be made over next 15-20 years w10466 or summary
1/9/2019 The Cecil Whig (Elkton, MD) As Airbnb grows, regulation potential looms w24361
1/8/2019 Federal News Network 'This isn't normal': Government shutdown about more than paychecks w21025
1/8/2019 The Saskatoon Star Phoenix William Watson: Trump risked losing his base by renegotiating NAFTA (and survived) w25379
1/8/2019 The Guardian Amazon and the homeless: a tale of two Long Island cities w16237
1/8/2019 Federal News Network Furloughs, exceptions and your spending habits w21025
1/8/2019 Financial Post William Watson: Trump risked losing his base by renegotiating NAFTA (and survived) w25379
1/7/2019 The Real Deal Some real estate startups have seen sky-high valuations. Now, investors want the market to dip w23895 or summary
1/7/2019 The Economic Times (India) Who wants a market downturn? These investors actually do w23895 or summary
1/6/2019 The Hill Reforming veterans benefits will be controversial, but necessary w21144
1/6/2019 The New York Times Who Wants a Market Downturn? These Investors Actually Do. w23895 or summary
1/5/2019 The Oregonian Minority homeownership climbs across Portland metro but stalls within city limits w20762
1/4/2019 Pacific Standard The Future of the Minimum Wage Is Alive in Seattle w25182
1/3/2019 Daily Global Insights US Study Claims Indian Economy Was Hit By 2% Point Following Demonetization w25370 or summary
1/3/2019 Mint (India) Tariffs lower growth, raise inequality levels w25402
1/2/2019 Education Week School Retention Linked to Violent Crimes in Adulthood in New Study w25384
1/2/2019 Federal News Network A furloughed federal employee's guide to filing for unemployment during the shutdown w21025
1/1/2019 The Washington Post Here are some steps to take when your paycheck is stopped w21025

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