The National Press Club - June 14, 2013

David Card, University of California at Berkeley and NBER, and Alexandre Mas, Princeton University and NBER, Organizers

Productivity, Sectoral Shifts, and Labor Force Dynamics

Introduction: James Poterba, MIT and NBER
Moderator: David Wessel, The Wall Street Journal

Olivier Blanchard, IMF, MIT, and NBER
John Haltiwanger, University of Maryland and NBER
Edward Lazear, Stanford University and NBER
Justin Wolfers, University of Michigan and NBER

The Changing Role of the Social Safety Net

Introduction: David Card
Moderator: Catherine Rampell, The New York Times

Gordon Berlin, Manpower Development Research Corporation
Gary Burtless, The Brookings Institution
Hilary Hoynes, University of California at Davis and NBER
Cecilia Rouse, Princeton University and NBER

The Social Cost of Unemployment

Introduction: Alexandre Mas
Moderator: Greg Ip, The Economist

Joseph Altonji, Yale University and NBER
Lawrence Katz, Harvard University and NBER
Edward Montgomery, Georgetown Public Policy Institute
Betsey Stevenson, University of Michigan and NBER

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