Reading 1970 Census First Count Summary 1A Data Files with SAS, SPSS, or Stata

The SAS, SPSS, and Stata files were created by Jean Roth at the NBER to provide easier access to the 1970 U.S. Census First Count Summary 1A data files.
Internal users can access the programs and data in a UNIX shell at /homes/data/census/1970data/sf1a,
or on an NBER PC at Network Neighborhood -> NBER -> home -> data -> census -> 1970data -> sf1a
To download files in Internet Explorer, right click on them and select "Save Target As...".

Updates and changes.


sf1a70.sas sf1a70.sps sf1a70.do sf1a70.dct


Thanks to the Odum Institute for the documentation.
User Guide
SF 1 Codebook
FTP log
FTP log


The data are courtesy of the Odum Institute.
ak.gz al.gz ar.gz az.gz ca.gz
co.gz ct.gz dc.gz de.gz fl.gz
ga.gz hi.gz ia.gz id.gz il.gz
in.gz ks.gz ky.gz la.gz ma.gz
md.gz me.gz mi.gz mn.gz mo.gz
ms.gz mt.gz nc.gz nd.gz ne.gz
nh.gz nj.gz nm.gz nv.gz ny.gz
oh.gz ok.gz or.gz pa.gz ri.gz
sc.gz sd.gz tn.gz tx.gz ut.gz
va.gz vt.gz wa.gz wi.gz wv.gz

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