FDA Mammography Certified Facilities Database

"Mammography is a type of medical imaging that uses x-rays to capture images (mammograms) of the internal structures of the breasts. Quality mammography can help detect breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages; when it is too small to be felt or detected by any other method."

"The Mammography Facility Database is updated periodically based on information received from the four FDA-approved accreditation bodies: the American College of Radiology (ACR), and the States of Arkansas, Iowa, and Texas. Information received by FDA or Certifying State from accreditation bodies does not specify if the facility is mobile or stationary. In many instances, but not all, the accreditation body notes "Mobile" following the name of the facility. The certification status of facilities may change, so FDA suggests that you check the facility's current status and look for the MQSA certificate."

The FDA offers many helpful, additional resources such as the following:

The complete FDA Mammography Facilities database is offered here in SAS, Stata, and CSV formats to make the whole database a bit easier to use.

Some historic files are available in the CCYY/MM folders where CCYY is the year and MM is the month.

Updates and changes.

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Mammography Facilities

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