Census 2000 Zip Code Data -- 5-Digit Zip Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA) Data from Summary File 1

The U.S. Census Bureau provides 2000 SF1 files with complete Summary File 1 files for the nation, each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Census also offers American FactFinder (AFF) for looking up variables from 2000 Census SF1 and other Census data.

For example, to use AFF to find sex by age in the 2000 SF1, click on Decennial Census -> get data -> Topics -> Dataset -> 2000 SF1 100% Data , type 'sex by age' in the 'topic or table name' search box and click 'GO'.

The files below include all the 2000 SF1 data by 5 Digit ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA). The files are split into 39 parts due to the large number of variables.

The complete 2000 SF1 Technical Documentation is available.

A ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA) Distance Database is available as well.

File Description
File 1
  sf12000860us1.dta     sf12000860us1.sas7bdat     sf12000860us1.csv     sf12000860us1  
File 2
  sf12000860us2.dta     sf12000860us2.sas7bdat     sf12000860us2.csv     sf12000860us2  
File 3
  sf12000860us3.dta     sf12000860us3.sas7bdat     sf12000860us3.csv     sf12000860us3  
File 4
  sf12000860us4.dta     sf12000860us4.sas7bdat     sf12000860us4.csv     sf12000860us4  
File 5
  sf12000860us5.dta     sf12000860us5.sas7bdat     sf12000860us5.csv     sf12000860us5  
File 6
  sf12000860us6.dta     sf12000860us6.sas7bdat     sf12000860us6.csv     sf12000860us6  
File 7
  sf12000860us7.dta     sf12000860us7.sas7bdat     sf12000860us7.csv     sf12000860us7  
File 8
  sf12000860us8.dta     sf12000860us8.sas7bdat     sf12000860us8.csv     sf12000860us8  
File 9
  sf12000860us9.dta     sf12000860us9.sas7bdat     sf12000860us9.csv     sf12000860us9  
File 10
  sf12000860us10.dta     sf12000860us10.sas7bdat     sf12000860us10.csv     sf12000860us10  
File 11
  sf12000860us11.dta     sf12000860us11.sas7bdat     sf12000860us11.csv     sf12000860us11  
File 12
  sf12000860us12.dta     sf12000860us12.sas7bdat     sf12000860us12.csv     sf12000860us12  
File 13
  sf12000860us13.dta     sf12000860us13.sas7bdat     sf12000860us13.csv     sf12000860us13  
File 14
  sf12000860us14.dta     sf12000860us14.sas7bdat     sf12000860us14.csv     sf12000860us14  
File 15
  sf12000860us15.dta     sf12000860us15.sas7bdat     sf12000860us15.csv     sf12000860us15  
File 16
  sf12000860us16.dta     sf12000860us16.sas7bdat     sf12000860us16.csv     sf12000860us16  
File 17
  sf12000860us17.dta     sf12000860us17.sas7bdat     sf12000860us17.csv     sf12000860us17  
File 18
  sf12000860us18.dta     sf12000860us18.sas7bdat     sf12000860us18.csv     sf12000860us18  
File 19
  sf12000860us19.dta     sf12000860us19.sas7bdat     sf12000860us19.csv     sf12000860us19  
File 20
  sf12000860us20.dta     sf12000860us20.sas7bdat     sf12000860us20.csv     sf12000860us20  
File 21
  sf12000860us21.dta     sf12000860us21.sas7bdat     sf12000860us21.csv     sf12000860us21  
File 22
  sf12000860us22.dta     sf12000860us22.sas7bdat     sf12000860us22.csv     sf12000860us22  
File 23
  sf12000860us23.dta     sf12000860us23.sas7bdat     sf12000860us23.csv     sf12000860us23  
File 24
  sf12000860us24.dta     sf12000860us24.sas7bdat     sf12000860us24.csv     sf12000860us24  
File 25
  sf12000860us25.dta     sf12000860us25.sas7bdat     sf12000860us25.csv     sf12000860us25  
File 26
  sf12000860us26.dta     sf12000860us26.sas7bdat     sf12000860us26.csv     sf12000860us26  
File 27
  sf12000860us27.dta     sf12000860us27.sas7bdat     sf12000860us27.csv     sf12000860us27  
File 28
  sf12000860us28.dta     sf12000860us28.sas7bdat     sf12000860us28.csv     sf12000860us28  
File 29
  sf12000860us29.dta     sf12000860us29.sas7bdat     sf12000860us29.csv     sf12000860us29  
File 30
  sf12000860us30.dta     sf12000860us30.sas7bdat     sf12000860us30.csv     sf12000860us30  
File 31
  sf12000860us31.dta     sf12000860us31.sas7bdat     sf12000860us31.csv     sf12000860us31  
File 32
  sf12000860us32.dta     sf12000860us32.sas7bdat     sf12000860us32.csv     sf12000860us32  
File 33
  sf12000860us33.dta     sf12000860us33.sas7bdat     sf12000860us33.csv     sf12000860us33  
File 34
  sf12000860us34.dta     sf12000860us34.sas7bdat     sf12000860us34.csv     sf12000860us34  
File 35
  sf12000860us35.dta     sf12000860us35.sas7bdat     sf12000860us35.csv     sf12000860us35  
File 36
  sf12000860us36.dta     sf12000860us36.sas7bdat     sf12000860us36.csv     sf12000860us36  
File 37
  sf12000860us37.dta     sf12000860us37.sas7bdat     sf12000860us37.csv     sf12000860us37  
File 38
  sf12000860us38.dta     sf12000860us38.sas7bdat     sf12000860us38.csv     sf12000860us38  
File 39
  sf12000860us39.dta     sf12000860us39.sas7bdat     sf12000860us39.csv     sf12000860us39  

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