Petra Moser, editor

Conference held May 17, 2019
Forthcoming from University of Chicago Press

NBER Program(s):EEE, PR, DAE

The following chapters are preliminary drafts unless otherwise noted. They have not yet been subjected to the formal review process of the NBER. This page will be updated as individual chapters are revised.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Petra Moser (bibliographic info) (download)
1. Local Effects of Land Grant Colleges on Agricultural Innovation and Output: Michael Andrews (bibliographic info) (download) version of August 23, 2019 (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Bhaven N. Sampat (bibliographic info) (download)
2. Academic Engagement, Commercialization, and Scholarship: Empirical Evidence from Agricultural and Life Scientists at US Land Grant Universities: Bradford Barham, Jeremy Foltz, Ana Paula Melo (bibliographic info) (download) version of September 24, 2019 (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Nicola Bianchi (bibliographic info) (download)
3. Yield Performance of Corn under Heat Stress: A Comparison of Hybrid and Open-Pollinated Seeds during a Period of Technological Transformation, 1933–1955: Keith Meyers, Paul W. Rhode (bibliographic info) (download) version of April 15, 2020
       Comment: Michael J. Roberts (bibliographic info) (download) version of April 13, 2020
4. The Roots of Agricultural Innovation: Patent Evidence of Knowledge Spillovers: Matt Clancy, Paul Heisey, Yongjie Ji, GianCarlo Moschini (bibliographic info) (download) version of March 12, 2020 (data appendix)(Working Paper version)
       Comment: Alberto Galasso (bibliographic info) (download)
5. Quantifying Heterogeneous Returns to Adoption of Genetic Technology: The Case of the Dairy Industry: Jared Hutchins, Brent Hueth, Guilherme Rosa (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Paul T. Scott (bibliographic info) (download) version of March 27, 2020
6. Venture Capital and the Transformation of Private R&D for Agriculture: Gregory D. Graff, Felipe de Figueiredo Silva, David Zilberman (bibliographic info) (download) version of March 12, 2020 (data appendix)
       Comment: Michael Ewens (bibliographic info) (download)

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