Conference on Research in Income and Wealth

The Conference on Research in Income and Wealth (CRIW) was founded in 1936 to advance the cause of measurement in economics. CRIW brings together economists from government, academe, business, and non-profit organizations to discuss problems of mutual interest. The CRIW is administered by the National Bureau of Economic Research, but membership in the CRIW is independent of NBER affiliation. Membership in the CRIW is by election and is based on a significant contribution to research in income and wealth, a sustained interest in research in this area, and continuing participation in CRIW activities. The principal activity of the CRIW is to hold conferences and workshops which deals with measurement issues in various areas of economics. Attendance at CRIW conferences is open to all interested participants.

The CRIW is supported by contributions from institutional members, including the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Bureau of the Census, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Statistics of Income/Internal Revenue Service, and Statistics Canada. The National Science Foundation also has provided support for many individual conferences.